100 Years of Nail Fashion in under 3 Minutes

April 19, 2017 1 min read

Looking for some major nail inspiration this month? Eid al-Adha is right around the corner so you might be looking to pretty up your nails. Look no further. Mode has made a video celebrating 100 years of nail trends, starting from 1916!

nail fashion
Our gorgeous Miss Matcha!

100 years ago, nails were simple and short. When clear nail polish was first introduced in the 1920s, manicures were that as well; simple and neat. It wasn’t until 1936, with the birth of the first coloured nail polish, that we saw manicures with different designs. The half-moon mani was a huge hit back then. A decade later, having long nails was the hottest trend. Not only did they make your fingers slimmer, they had a very dangerously sexy quality to them (à la Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor).

Moving on to the 80s, nails were square instead of round and women started experimenting with accessories like rhinestones and glitter. No more plain old polish! Fast forward to the grunge/punk rock era with black nail polish or simple white French tips…all the way to today. Experimentation is key as we now have an endless choice in terms of manicure designs! Long talons in nude shades are all the rage these days, with either a matte, iridescent or an ombre finish. So go ahead and shop for some happy before Eid al-Adha. Your nails (and you) deserve to be pampered.


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