11 Quirky Makeup Tips We Just Aren’t Sure About

April 19, 2017 2 min read

  1. Use a plastic spoon to keep your eye lashes in place when applying mascara. This sounds simple enough… not entirely sure if it makes the process any easier though.. or precise for that matter..
  2. Putting coconut oil in your hair! I can confirm that this quirky rumour actually does work! Most products only cover the surface of our hair adding some shine or conditioning. However coconut oil has special properties that can actually penetrate inside our hair, which is great for strength and flexibility!

  3. Doing red eyes with makeup – not sure how we feel about this one. Sometimes red eyes can look a little dead or vampire ish. But after seeing several celebrities pull it off we are willing to give it another chance.

  4. Over lining lips – the opposite approach to all of the advice you’ve ever heard about lip liner. Making your lip liner darker and then dabbing your lip with lipstick as a highlighter rather then fulling covering the lip liner.
  5. The red lipstick trick – coming straight from beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala who did a beauty vlog demonstrating how the red lipstick will counteract the bluish purple circles around our eyes. A little creepy but hey if it works it works!

  6. A formula for dry shampoo for brown hair.. mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa, 2 tablespoons of corn starch, and a pinch of cinnamon. No more worries about leaving a white residue from normal dry shampoo! I’m a fan of anything involving chocolate.
  7. Black lips – something just doesn’t seem right with black lips. It’s off-putting. But it is pretty badass if you can pull it off. Definitely a statement makeup look but maybe its in a good way not bad!

  8. Using tissue to make lipstick last longer. After putting on the first layer of lipstick take a tissue and put it over your mouth. Then brush over top of the tissue with a large brush dipped in white or translucent powder. This takes away any of the oil that would likely make your lipstick come off!
  9. Cracking eggs into your hair is suppose to provide protein and increase how fast your hair grows… not sure how I feel about putting raw eggs in my hair…
  10. Disappearing lips – we’ve seen it successfully pulled off by Drew Barrymore but we are not 100% sold yet… to make a nude lip so nude that blends in with the rest of your face.. hmm interesting.

  11. Sleeping on silk pillowcases to prevent hair breakage. Cotton causes friction, which leads to split ends and unhappy hair!

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