4 Beauty Tips To Make Your Matte Lipstick Last

April 19, 2017 2 min read

Matte lips are in. They’re bold, classy and long-lasting. While they wear for a long time (some brands even claiming up to 15 to 20 hours of wear!), they might not wear well. Especially if your lips are prone to dryness and/or flakiness. To make your matte lips looking fresh and plump (with no flakes or cracks in sight), here are 4 useful tips to make your matte lipstick last the day.

matte lipstick
It. Does. Not. Come. Off. (Retrieved from www.tumbr.com)

1. Exfoliate
Before applying your favourite matte lipstick, exfoliating is a must. There’s bound to be dead skin hanging around even if your lips appear smooth. So get rid of that nasty, crusty stuff or the matte formula will cling to it like its life depended on it. Use a lip scrub or if you’re a cheapskate (like me!), just use a clean toothbrush or a towel. A good time to exfoliate is when you are getting ready in the morning.

2. Moisturize
After exfoliation, your lips are in dire need of some hydration. Don’t forget to apply lip balm so your lips stay plump and juicy. Allow the balm to sink into your lips before you apply your lipstick so that the matte formula won’t turn shiny. A good rule of thumb is to wait 1-2 minutes, so go ahead and plan your outfit while waiting!

matte lipstick
Even Queen Bey can’t hide her lipstick happiness! (Retrieved from www.tumbr.com)

3. Prime
Though bleeding typically happens with lip glosses or lipsticks with liquid formulas, it can happen with matte lipsticks. And because they’re so darn long-lasting, it can be more annoying to fix the bleed or smudge. Apply a lip primer after the balm to make sure your lipstick stays where it’s supposed to be.

4. Line
Before applying your matte lipstick, line your lips to make it neat and tidy. It helps create a smooth base for your lipstick and stops the colour from bleeding out. You can use a lipliner that matches your lipstick or one that is nude; either one will do the trick!

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matte lipstick
Zahara’s Matte Lip Cream in shades Mystery, Sweetie & Girl-Next-Door

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