4 Habits of Genuinely-Stylish People

April 19, 2017 2 min read

You can keep up with the latest trends and labels, subscribe to hundreds of fashion magazines/blogs, and even own expensive “it” items (which will then flood your Instagram feed), but having genuine style takes more than that. How do highly-fashionable people make style so natural and effortless? They always look put-together, without trying too hard. They’ll do combinations that you’ve never even thought of, and can pull off certain colours and prints that you wouldn’t dare. Well, now you can be one of them. To get you on track to effortless, authentic style, Zahara has put together 4 habits that all genuinely-stylish people have. (Psst…it’s not as difficult as you think!)

Genuinely-stylish people

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They exude confidence.
Stylish people exude confidence with what they’re wearing. They don’t care if their dress clashes with their bag and shoes, they own it. And it shows. Simple, minimalistic outfits come off as great fashion statements and mistakes…well, they’ll just say they’re inspired by the avant-garde. Bottom line is; confidence makes you and your outfit look 50 times cooler.

Genuinely-stylish people

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They dress for themselves.
Much like the first point, stylish people don’t dress to be thought stylish. This is due to the fact that they don’t care what society thinks of their style, only what they think of it. Fashionable people like to push the envelope and start new trends (which doesn’t have to be a drastic one ala Lady Gaga). It can be as simple as swapping your usual red lippie for a mint-blue one and wearing a hat over your hijab. When you wear things that you like and make you happy, you exude confidence and that is always in-style!

Genuinely-stylish people

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They try all sorts of brands.
Whether it’s Dolce and Gabanna, H&M or grandma’s hand-me-downs, genuinely-stylish people don’t think they’re “too cool’ for any style or store. Big brand names don’t necessarily mean bigger style and fashionable people can find amazing pieces anywhere. Even if you’re not able to afford anything from high-end stores, it never hurts to browse through the racks to gain inspiration! With brings us to the last point…

Genuinely-stylish people

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They adapt, not copy.
Picasso once said, “Good artists copy but great artists steal”. This is not true for this case as fashionable people neither copy nor steal! They draw inspiration from a variety of places: TV shows, store window displays, Instagrammers, fashion blogs, etc. They don’t need to copy or steal a look as they can adapt it to fit their personality and sense of style. You don’t have to copy an outfit you like piece-by-piece…make sure to insert something that is you (either a bold eye look, a crazily-colourful bag or your favourite pair of sneakers). Have fun experimenting with your look until you find a style that is idiosyncratically you!

Genuinely-stylish people

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