5 Pairs of Flats Every Woman Should Own

April 19, 2017 2 min read

While heels and platform shoes deliver height and help us to project confidence, authority and style, let’s not overlook its counterpart: dear, trusty flats. Although they are usually overshadowed by towering stilettos, classic pumps or chic wedges, every fashionable woman worth her salt owns at least a pair. Seriously, who can wear heels every day?! (Unless you’re Victoria Beckham, of course.) When comfort and mobility is what you’re seeking, flats are the answer. With flats becoming more and more popular and stylish, here are 5 types of flats that should be in your shoe cupboard as chic alternatives to heels!

1. Oxfords


It’s not only guys who can rock this type of shoes! Oxfords can instantly dress up a casual outfit and lend a sexy masculine air to your outfit.

2. Ballet flats


Opposite to oxfords, ballet flats are pretty and usually adorned with bows or encrusted with jewels. Throw on a pair of ballet flats on days when you have lots of errands to run or just to complement your pretty dress!

3. Sneakers 


This goes without saying as not only do they provide much-needed support for your feet, sneakers are so darn comfy! We recommend getting a pair of all-white sneaks as they can easily be coordinated with any outfit.

4. Sliders 


Birkenstock has made a name for themselves with this type of footwear and we can see why! Sliders are dressier than slippers without compromising comfort; the best of both worlds!

5. Strappy sandals 


Now that the trend of gladiator sandals has finally dwindled, the strappy version can reclaim its rightful place. Strappy sandals are not only classic and chic, they make your feet look oh-so-sexy!

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