August 17, 2017 1 min read

We know you've completely forgotten about the skincare promises you've made yourself earlier this year, but better late than never! Here are some mistakes to avoid, stat!

Not washing your hands before washing your face

Think about it - even if you’re using the most luxurious cleanser, you’re going to be transferring all the grime, dirt, bacteria and oil from your fingers to your face. Get scrub-a-dub-dubbin’.

Focusing only on your face

Neglecting your neck is common but it’s time you give your neck (and decolletage) the attention they deserve. Start cleansing and moisturising south of the chin regularly and you’ll thank us in a few years.

Not going to the dermatologist

Even if you’ve got clear skin, an annual check up for moles, spots and other skin conditions is the key to early detection. The sooner you catch something, the greater the chance of a positive outcome.

ODing on exfoliation

We totally understand the feeling of fresh, exfoliated skin. The problem is, over-exfoliation strips the skin of natural oils, leading to inflammation, hypersensitivity and even premature signs of ageing.

Skipping moisturiser when your skin is oily

Every skin type, including oily skin, needs moisture. When you don’t replenish moisture on your skin after cleansing, your skin goes into overdrive to produce sebum to make up for the temporary dryness. If moisturiser feels too heavy on your skin, look for a hydrating serum instead.

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