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Do you ever experience a period of time where your hands and nails especially aren’t feeling their best? Experience those little nicks of skin at the side of your fingers that sometimes give you excruciating pain when you bump them or if they rip further?

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I’ve definitely had my fair share of those nasty peels along the side of my fingernails. Here are some simple ways to avoid them and keep your finger and nails healthier and of course happier!


Many people underestimate the power of water and staying hydrated. The more you drink the more you can avoid drying and peeling nails. Not only do you need to ingest water, you also need to apply a topical hydration to your fingers and hands.

Keep your hands moisturised with a light lotion. There are many amazing hand creams on the market today that absorb quickly into the skin without leaving your hands feeling greasy and slippery.

Alternatively, if you want a more heavy duty product, try an essential oil all over your hands at night to keep them hydrated. You can wash them off first thing in the morning.

Snip those tips

If you have those dreaded peeling around your fingers, tend to them right away! The longer you leave them hanging the more of a bother and pain it will be for you. Grab some cuticle scissors and be sure to trim off those tips whenever they come up. Doing so will also save you from getting an infection!

Cuticle care

Not many of us really understand what a nail cuticle is. Here is an image that will help you get an idea of what a cuticle is.

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You know that thin line just above where your nail ends? That is your cuticle. You’ll notice whenever you go to the nail salon they will soften it and buff it away to achieve a beautiful polish application.

While that is acceptable to do, we do not advise you to bite or chip away at your nail cuticles. This will damage your nails and make you prone to infection or even worse - fungi. Look for a cuticle softener or a nail oil. When applied, your cuticles will soften and dissolve slowly.

As an alternative and a mini spa treatment. You can soak your hands in a big bowl of warm water with a mixture of some lemon juice and honey. Leave your hands in for around 10-15 minutes and your cuticles or any other peeling around your skin will be easier to remove as well as leave your hands sweet smelling and baby soft!

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Read those labels

There’s nothing wrong with feeling fancy once in a while. A fresh coat of polish on your nails can easily make you feel better. However, be sure to read those labels. Look out for the following ingredients:


These are the five chemicals found in most common nail polishes which you definitely need to be aware of.


Did you know that DBP is an endocrine disruptor? This means it has the ability to impair hormone production. Back in the day, there were some tests conducted on animals that showed DBP blocking the process of male and female hormones which also led to liver damage.

Hence, it is a risky ingredient to apply to the human body. We recommend staying far away from this chemical.


Also, the same chemical used to embalming bodies… Exposure to frequent and saturated amounts may lead to asthma and even abnormal foetal development in pregnant women. Need we say more?


This is another by-product of Formaldehyde which may cause burns or irritation when directly exposed to the skin.  


You know that strong and pungent smell that hits you even when you open a brand new bottle of polish. Ladies, that is Toulene. It carries toxic fumes that affect your brain in slow but devastating ways. Extensive exposure to these harmful fumes will induce irreversible neurological damage.

  1. CAMPHOR  

Camphor is probably the lesser of all the evils above but more commonly found in nasal or vapour rubs. An exorbitant amount of camphor will definitely lead to more malicious ailments such as dizziness, headaches, and in more extreme cases - organ damage.

Trim regularly

Just like the concept of going to the hairdressers for a trim, trimming your nails are a must-do! Snip away those damaged edges to leave more room for your healthy nails to grow. Practice filing your nails too, not only to shape but also to prevent any snags or sharp edges when you trim your nails with a clipper.

Opt for organic

Instead of lotions or hand creams, opt for rich oils such as a DIV blend of sweet almond and concentrated vitamin E. The same goes for the other products you use.

If doing the dishes at all, avoid contact with harsh soaps by applying gloves when washing or go for an organic formula of dish soap.

As for nail polishes, we formulated avegan concoction free from those 5 nasty chemicals. Not only are our formulas way healthier, but we have also incorporated water permeable technology.

To emphasise our first point, don’t forget that our nails are an extension of our skin, the biggest organ in our body that also needs to be cared for and hydrated.

When you apply a non-breathable polish, your nails are starved of water and suffocated under a layer of chemicals. This can lead to them breaking off, staining and becoming super brittle. With our line of polishes, we can ensure the health of your nails even when you have polish applied.

We hope you took away some valuable information especially about the ingredients used in common nail polishes. To be beautiful you must feel beautiful! Nourish your body with products that help and not harm yourself.

If you have any more questions about our nail polishes, don’t hesitate to drop us a DM on Instagram or Facebook or get in touch over email directly

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