7 Ways to Fly Like a Boss

April 19, 2017 2 min read

December is a beautiful month; not only is it the festive season and a time for reflection, it’s also when everyone travels. Everyone. Travelling to new, exotic places is undeniably fun but nobody likes getting there. Long haul flights are the worst, right ladies? Even for well-seasoned travellers, those flights are tough! Here are 7 ways to ensure you fly like a boss and make that long haul flight a little bit shorter. 

Britney approves.

Stay hydrated.
As air travel can be incredibly dehydrating, health experts recommend drinking more than you normally do. Of course there’s no magic number as to how much you should drink, but don’t wait till you’re thirsty to call the flight attendant. The same goes for your skin, ladies. Before you doze off, ensure you’ve moisturised your face so that it stays fresh during the flight.

7 Ways to fly like a boss
Water’s good for the skin too!

Avoid caffeine.
I know some of us can’t do anything until we’ve had a cuppa joe but this is a good time not to have any caffeine. Not only will it keep you up and make you cranky (we all love naps, no?), it dehydrate you further. Instead, drink decaffeinated green tea as it’ll calm you down and help to fight the effects of jet lag.

7 Ways to fly like a boss
This will bring on the zzzzzz.

Pack some snacks.
Once the hunger pangs hit you, you either have to buy the outrageously expensive snacks on board or wait for your meal to be served. Bringing in protein-rich snacks; such as almonds, crackers and protein bars; will make you feel full longer. According to Web MD, our stomachs need more effort and time to digest food in the air so while it’s perfectly fine to eat, stuffing our faces is not a good idea.

7 Ways to fly like a boss
For those with nut allergies, a good alternative are cheese and crackers. Yum!

Wear comfortable clothing.
We want to look good when we land and come out from the flight, slaying like Beyonce. However, comfort comes before fashion, especially for long haul flights. A comfortable sweater and jeans combo is perfect for some #airportfashion. Hey, some of our favourite stars fly in their PJs!

7 Ways to fly like a boss
Katy, Riri & Miley look comfy enough!

Bring an eye mask.
This is not the most flattering look but blocking out light mentally prepares you for sleep. As light affects your body clock and makes you stay up later than you should, ensuring your visual surrounding is dark is crucial. Throw in some earplugs if you’re sensitive to sounds as well.

7 Ways to fly like a boss
Imagine you’re a superhero. And it’s your bedtime.

Get a window seat.
Besides the tons of photos you can take and upload on social media, a window seat also gives you a nice solid wall to rest your head. You also won’t be disturbed by the flight attendants with the food carts. However, if you have a small bladder, we don’t recommend this!

7 Ways to fly like a boss
They say the window seats are for dreamers. Do you agree?

Do in-seat exercises.

7 Ways to fly like a boss7 Ways to fly like a boss7 Ways to fly like a boss7 Ways to fly like a boss7 Ways to fly like a boss7 Ways to fly like a boss

We hope this will help you in your upcoming trips to make your flight a more comfortable one. Bon voyage! 

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