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Mother’s day is just around the corner and we know you’re scrambling thinking of the best gift that your amazing mum will appreciate. Even if you have deep pockets, it’s always nice to put a personal touch for someone who has done so much for you.

Deep pockets or not, here are some not necessarily quick, but super creative and fun things that you can make to as a present this coming Mother’s Day.

With a little time to spare, browse through this list of ideas and pick something you think matches your mum’s personality the best!

If she has a green thumb:

Why not add a few more succulents to her already blooming garden?

Get rid of that boring pot the succulents sit in and actually style them! Here are some great ways you can put a spin to on your gift. Try depotting them into a mason jar andget creative when decorating them.

From LollyJane

If she’s an avid collector of scents

Did you get your love for lighting candles around the house from her?

This is definitely a gift I will consider taking the time to create. A well done,custom made candlewill literally put “love in the air”!

From A Pumpkin And Princess

If she needs to relax

Do you happen to have a bathtub at home?

It’s time to make use of it to pamper your mum! Treat her with arelaxing bath bomb that will nourish and refresh her after a long day of taking care of business.

From A Pumpkin And Princess

If she’s got an exquisite palette

Instead of getting a fancy and expensive tea, which you mother will refuse to use because she doesn’t want to waste it, why not create your ownblend of personalised tea? You’d be surprised at how easy it is and if she has a particular flower she likes, throw it in!

From Homemade For Friends


If she’s a skincare buff

I know my mother complains about her hands getting rough and flaky from all the cleaning detergents she uses. So a great gift for her would be alovely scrub she can enjoy to exfoliate her beautiful skin.

From My Printly

If she’s creative like you

Chances are if you’re a wiz in arts & craft you either got it from your Mama or you know, Dad. Thisstunning monogram can be framed to be the perfect wall piece missing in your family home. Why not give it a try and recreate one with your Mum’s initials!

From Lulus


There are so many creative spins you can do with what you already have! Instead of just buying her makeup and giving it to her in a box, you can package it together in a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers. Give it a go, just put in a little extra thought the same way your mum has done your whole life.

It’s something small, but she would appreciate the little touches that warm her heart.

To all the Zahara Warrior mummies out there we will you a wonderful Mother’s Day from all of us!

Love from,


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