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How many of us have fallen prey to the whole French Manicure aesthetic? We absolutely love an elegant nail moment and the French Manicure is the perfect nail art that’s easy to do (for the most part).

Together with our brand new exclusiveFrench Set, we will demonstrate how to get those classy and expensive looking nails without breaking the bank!

At only $45, you can pick up three of ouressential French Manicure polish. Alone, our Zahara polishes retail at $18, so with this set, you’re saving a whole $9! YES TO SAVING COIN. In the set, you will get one bottle ofFrenchie, the pink base coat,First Snow, a pure white shade, and finally, theBase and Top Coat to seal everything together.

Let’s get started with the tutorial.

You want to make sure that your nails are clean, buffed and shaped. This step is really important to do as it determines the longevity of your polish. Especially for french manicures, you want to be sure that your nails are uniformly shaped and cut because when you do define the white tips, it makes such a big impact when everything is all nicely shaped and uniform.

Alright, down to the first step - the base coat.

Traditionally, a light pink polish is used to mimic healthy and lively nails. With our formula, you can achieve actual healthy nails as they do not strip any moisture and allows water and oxygen to pass through hence allowing your real nails to breathe.

Frenchie is a light pink base coat perfect to achieve that french manicure effect. We ensured that this shade remained somewhat translucent but added the right amount of pigment to give your nails that nice and shiny pink tint.

Start slow and apply a thin light layer. Keep in mind, that the polish is formulated to allow your natural nails to shine through. You may add another layer on top but do refrain from adding more layer in hopes to achieve opacity.

If pink is not your thing, you can still achieve the same french manicure look with our clearBase and Top Coat. If you have stained nails like me, (that’s what happens when you don’t use a breathable polish) you can try a nude colour polish to hide those awful stains and still mimic the French Manicure look.

Have a look at our breathable nude nail polish shades Athena,Simply Covered andNefertiti for some alternatives.

Bear in mind, while our polishes are breathable, water and oxygen permeable, the rate of water passing through the nails slow down with the more layers you add. We recommend using not more than 2 coats of polish. However, for Muslim ladies, please be sure to run your nails under water for 30 seconds to allow 100% water permeability. That said, there’s no harm with using more layers - just be sure to spend more time when you are taking wudhu to wash your nails thoroughly.

Now, time to move on to the fun but tricky part! Once your base coat has dried it’s time to attempt to recreate those white tips. We usedFirst Snow for our white lines. If you have a steady hand (and are confident enough) using a LIGHT layer of polish, swiftly swipe the white polish along the edges of your nails. When going free-handed, it’s imperative that you go quickly if not your line will not be as smooth or sharp as you would like.

Alternatively, you can rely on some simple hacks to achieve the perfect line. Use sticky tape or these handy manicure tape we picked up at Daiso.

All you need to do is leave some room at the tip of your nail for where you want the polish to go. Apply the tape and paint over with a light layer of white polish. Allow for the polish to dry completely before peeling off the tape.

Once you are satisfied with your design, be sure to wait for your nails to completely dry before sealing your art with a layer of top coat. We highly recommend you NOT skip this step as if you do not apply a top coat, you pay experience chipping along the white tips simply because that’s the part of your nail that experiences the most impact. Avoid this issue entirely by locking your french mani down!

That’s all there is to it! It’s time to snap a few insta-worthy pics and be sure to tag us in your latest creation for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook page!

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