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Who else struggles with colouring inside the lines? I surely do. Throw in painting nails into that mix and you’ll see it’s a pretty disaster… I have to admit my nail painting skills have drastically improved since playing with nail polishes became part of what I do for work occasionally, but overall I still struggle with the basic skill of nail painting.

Whoever said it was easy? I was finally fed up with my lack of skills thought there should be a method to where I can hack my way to perfect non-bleeding nails. Of course, Pinterest the hacks for me! I brought my idea to the team and we decided to test out how effective this hack really is.

Watch it here: 

To get you up to speed, here is the Pinterest tutorial which we used.  

You can find the original blog here.

We thought it was simple and easy to understand so we gave it a try!

The beauty of this tutorial is that it only requires ONE tool! What a perfect solution (if it works) for someone as low maintenance like me! Although this is a common item found in most households, we didn’t have any craft glue at the office. That meant taking a trip down to the closest Daiso to pick up some affordable craft glue.

Just in case anyone is curious, a quick Google search confirmed our suspicions that Elmer’s glue - as mention in the Pinterest hack, is the equivalent to wood glue, white glue, carpenters glue and the term I usually use - PVA glue.

Now let’s jump in!

As mentioned in the video, we followed the tutorial as provided so the first step wasn’t really much of a help for us. We already had clean nails so we moved on to step two.

It’s time to break out the glue! We had actually tested the glue out prior to filming just to see if we had gotten the right glue. We applied it onto the back of our hand and found that the consistency of the glue is pretty thick. That was a concern to us because we are pretty impatient ladies and assumed that if we applied a thick layer, it would take longer to dry.

So during the tutorial, we came up with the idea not to use the glue straight from the bottle but to apply it with a nail brush to thin it out. We also didn’t have another nail brush, so we used a toothpick.

We experienced a little hiccup with using a brush and a toothpick, but more so with the brush. We found that due to its width, it was a bit difficult to ensure that our actual nails weren’t coated in glue. If they were, our nail polishes would be pulled off and we’d be left with a bare patch at the end of the tutorial. So we cleaned up with a cotton bud just to be extra sure that our nails were glue free.

Next, we tried our best to obey the instructions and gave it some time for the glue to dry on our nails. You can see the progress of the glue drying by noticing the change of colour. That’s when Sarah noticed that finger which she first applied glue on had turned clear as compared to the last nail she painted where the glue was white - a sign that it is still not dry.

Inspired by the tutorial, we decided to paint our nails with our two beautiful yet strikingly different shades of red, #LadyBoss (currently out of stock), and War Paint. After the glue has dried on our edges we painted over our nails. You can do this normally (try your best to stay within the lines) but for the sake of testing out this hack, we sort of went a little bit overboard with colouring outside the lines.

We had a little bit of a laugh at how funny our nails looked while we waited for them to dry. This is the part which we think you should definitely be patient for. Once dried we were excited to see if this lazy hack will truly answer the call for all lazy/people who have never been able to paint within our nails.

Mira was the first to pull off her glue and the results were in. It worked!

Overall, the hack does work. However, the thing that bothers us lazy ladies is that we now have an extra step to our routine of painting nails and it requires a bit more time and effort. Is it a guarantee that you won’t mess up? No. There is the possibility of you not applying the glue well it enough to colour the part just outside the nails. So there is still some cleaning up involved if you don’t apply the glue well in the beginning.

We can’t tell if we would use this hack again in our personal lives but it’s definitely something we will consider if we have another medium to play with such as glitter, or nail powder. We think this is a great inexpensive solution to keep the mess at a minimum.

What do you think? Do you think this hack is worth a shot? Let us know if you already use this hack and when you use it!

That’s all for now, we will definitely be back soon with another Pinterest tutorial. In the meantime, if you have any makeup or nail hacks that you want us to try. Do reach out to us and we will put it to the test! Or you could check out our previous nail tutorial here.

Happy painting!

Love from,

(Written by Luxmee Sabapathy)

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