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September 21, 2018 5 min read


If you haven't already heard (have you been living in a cave?) BOTH of our best-selling shades, #LadyBoss & Simply Covered are making a short and exclusive appearance just for you. Check them out now!

We have major plans coming up this year and this is just one of the surprises!

Zahara is kicking things off with the hottest combo on your radar, the #LADYBOSS & SIMPLY COVERED DUO.

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and love we’ve received from you especially with Simply Covered and #LadyBoss so we’d like to give a tribute to our most loved shades. Ever gotten nail envy before?

I’m going to be sharing with you how we achieved these unique and simple nail art! Our Community Manager here at Zahara, Juliana, has recently fallen into the obsession of recreating simple nail arts that she finds online. She claims to be no expert but she can certainly pull these beautiful designs off and fool us all that she got them done in a salon.

Find out how she created a Gold x #LadyBoss design and a Glitter Simply Covered tip!

We should mention that both of these nail designs are not water permeable due to the extra components we used and the number of layers each design requires. To reiterate, our Zahara Halal Nail Polishes are water-permeable as long as only a maximum of 2 layers is used!

Let’s get started with the easiest, the glitter Simply Covered tips!

Here is a list of things that you need to start:

1X Simply Covered Nail Polish
1X Pot of glitter (your choice of colour)

We purchased a pot of nail glitter online for super cheap and it came with several other colours as well!

Step 1:

With cleaned and prepped nails, apply one coat of Simply Covered. Let dry but not completely.

Step 2:

The polish should still be slightly tacky for the glitter to stick on the nail. Open the cover of the glitter top and dip your nail in carefully around one-third of the way. Let your nails dry completely.

Step 3:

Lastly, finish off the design with a generous layer of the Oxygen Top Coatto seal off any glitter from falling and also ensuring that your beautiful nail design lasts you as long as possible.

That’s all you need to do to put a twist on a regular manicure!

If you want something a little challenging we can certainly deliver with the next nail art.

Juliana calls this the #LadyBoss Geometric Gold Foil Design.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful nails!

Aren’t they goals?

To achieve this, you’re going to need a little bit of nail tape foil and a WHOLE lot of patience.

Here’s a clearer idea of things you require:

1X #LadyBoss Nail Polish
1 X Gold Foil
Highly recommend: 1X slim tweezers

Like the nail glitter we used from the previous design, we order that along with a set of nail foils which are slim, skinny little rolls of non-adhesive tape that came in various different colours. All of the tapes were metallic but we’re pretty sure you can find others to play around with the look of this design. It was rather affordable most of our nail tools and design extras cost around $SGD 5 on average.

Let’s jump right into the tutorial.

Once again, be sure that your nails are cleaned, shaped and prepped to your heart’s content.


We found it was easier to pre-cut the coloured foil at around one to two inches in length (depending on the length of your nail) and trim off the rest once you have applied it correctly.

Step 1:

Apply a light layer of top coat all over your nails. As we are playing with negative spaces, we want them to look equally beautiful and shiny. Did you know our Top Coat can be used as a base coat as well?

Once applied, let dry until tacky.

Step 2:

Here comes the tricky part. With your pre-cut foil, apply them strategically in an X across your nails. Keep in mind that your nails each have different shapes so try to keep the point where the lines intersect at the most middle part of each nail.

Be sure to work fast because you want your polish to remain tacky so that the foil will stick on firmly. It can still work when the polish is dry but the foil may potentially move around if you were to touch it.

Step 3:

It’s time to bust out your favourite shade of nail polish, #LadyBoss.

Start by carefully tracing the outline of your gold foil. If you have difficulty staying inside the lines, you should practice with a thinner precision nail art brush.

Try your best to not colour over the negative space but don’t worry if you accidentally colour on the foil. We will fix this later by applying another layer of tape. However, if polish transferred to the negative space, take a cotton bud and dip it in our non-alcohol nail polish remover and lightly swab over the area. This will remove the top coat but we can go over it again at the final stage.

Repeat on the nails which you want to achieve this look. Be sure to allow #LadyBoss to dry completely. If you need to apply another layer only over the coloured parts you may do so but be aware that this will affect the drying time of the polish.

Step 4:

Check that your #LadyBoss polish is completely dry before applying a light layer of Top Coat over your entire nails. Allow to dry and apply a second layer of nail foil over the ones you laid down earlier. You may skip this step if you managed to avoid painting the polish over the nail foil.

Step 5:

Clean up the edges of your nails where polish may have bled out of, ensure that your nails are completely dry and apply a generous layer of Top Coat to seal your intricate nail design. Now you are finished!

Did your nails turn out like this?

This was definitely an easy nail design that looks super sophisticated and expensive. However, it didn’t take much to complete besides a little precision and patience.

Is this a design that you will try? If so, be sure to tag us in your masterpiece when you’re done!

If you found things super interesting you can check out when we attempted geometric nail art and tested if this hack truly makes manicure easy!

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab a limited restock of #LadyBoss & Simply Covered now!

Love from, 



(Written by Luxmee Sabapathy)

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Zahara Cosmetics
Zahara Cosmetics

September 27, 2018

Hi Shazleen! We have linked a suggestion in the blog to where you can find the glitter pot. However, we did disclaim at the start of the blog that due to the nature of these nail arts it would affect the water permeability. You have a great suggestion to minimize the layers of nail polishes but be weary that the area where the nail glitter is applied may not be water permeable.


September 27, 2018

Hi how to order the pot of glitter and its not waterproof isit? if i were to use the oxy coat and the pot of glitter only?

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