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Coming from someone who messes up their freshly painted nails within minutes of application, this is a topic which a lot of research has gone into. More importantly, I made sure to test out these tips before I wrote them down into one master list that will help your polish last longer.

Let’s jump in.

1. Prep your nails.

Ever gotten your nails done at a salon? Besides to give you a great experience, the pampering that comes before nail polish application is, in fact, the longest and most important part of the process to help your nail polish last longer.

Take the time to clean, file and buff your nails as well as tend to your cuticles before you apply your nail polish. Having a smooth and clean surface will help the nail polish sit longer.

Also, be sure to wait for your nails to be completely dry before you apply your nail polish.

2. Never ever shake your polish.

I'm mixing up Simply Covered!

It’s perfectly normal for your nail polish to separate when it has been sitting around for a while. The trick is to avoid air bubbles forming when you decided to mix it back into place. Air-bubbles are the bane of all manicurist. They cause uneven nail polish application and the polish won't sit properly on your nails.

The best way to avoid it is by simply rolling the nail polishes between your hands. Most polishes will have two silver balls inside that will help facilitate the mixing so you don’t need to go super hard and shake your polish back to normal.

3. Throw out any old/dried up nail polish.

You’ll know when the time is up on your nail polish once you notice that the texture is no longer as smooth and liquidy as when you first bought it. You want to avoid painting thick layers of polish on your nails as it will tend to chip easily.

Which brings me to the next point, keep your layers thin. If your layer is thin it is more likely to sit better on your nails. If you feel your polish is too sheer, you can add thinner light layers, but don’t over do it as it will encourage chipping.

I recommend the Zahara nail polish in the shade War Paint for a flawless looking manicure. This is my favourite shade because it’s so rich and vibrant. Best of all it glides on like a dream. As our nail polishes are water permeable, we recommend not going over two layers to ensure full water-permeability. This is a great feature for anyone because it’s healthier for your nails. Just like your skin, your nails need to breathe so don’t suffocate it!

4.  It’s time to seal it down with some top coat.

Sarah is wearing Miss Maccha on her nails!

I found that this was a pretty important step that I will not do ever again. I love using the Zahara Oxygen top coat. It provides a glossy look and locks everything down. Polishes don’t usually last more than 2 days on me. I can say my polish went strong for about a week with just some minor chipping at the corners.

5. Top Coat is your best friend.

Another tip is to apply top coat on your nails every couple of days. Bear in mind, this will affect water permeability.

Bonus: If you want your polish to remain water permeable, apply some top coat only at the edges of your nail. This is where polish tends to chip the most due to all the activities of our hands, so you want to make sure that this area is generally locked down by running the brush just over that area.

What are some tips and tricks that you do to keep your polish from wearing as possible? Let us know which of these tips that you have tried and you do practice!

Here is some nail inspirationfor you to look at when planning your next manicure. 

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(Written by Luxmee Sabapathy)

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