May 23, 2018 3 min read

As we continue to move forward through Ramadan, the buzz in prep for Raya is slowing beginning. While mum is contemplating how to decorate the house this year, you are probably shopping online for the best Baju Raya deals.

To ease you from all the Raya planning, we have created a lookbook for you to get inspired to glam up this Raya! Here, we showcase some easy to do quick makeup looks that will complement any Baju Raya you get.

To start off, our model and Zahara's very own designer will be getting transformed in time to celebrate Raya. Watch as how Mira gets made-up for her Raya Ready look.

For this tutorial, we are using the Zahara Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, Longwear Eyeliner, Daredevil Lashes Mascara, Matte Lip Cream in Sweetie and finally the Zahara Oxygen Halal Nail Polish in Periwinkle Perfect and Blush Crush.

Read on to learn how to achieve Mira's Raya Ready look: 

1. We love baking our under eyes as it’s a great tool to catch any fall-out and also brightens up any dark circles we need to hide!


2. After setting your eyes with primer we want to make sure that you have an even base to work on. With our Golden Goddess Palette, go in with the shade ‘Coral’ to bring colour back to your eyes and also create an even surface for any additional powders to blend easily.

3. With a warm copper toned shimmery shade, apply  ‘Naked’ on the center of your lids to make them pop.

4. Define and bring depth to your eyes by adding a darker chocolate brown to your outer corners. Use ‘Bronze’ to achieve this look.


5. Adding a feline flick brings a subtle touch of drama to any look. Using the Zahara Longwear Eyeliner in Ochre, a brown shade brings drama but tones down any harsh-looking lines. Start by filling out your eyes closer to the lashline and slowly build up.

6. Bring some colour by darkening your lashes. Use the Zahara Daredevil Lashes Mascara to colour and lengthen your lashes to give you a wide-eyed look.


7. We absolutely love a long-wearing lipstick during this time of the year as we want our makeup look to stay in place no matter how many plates of Rendang we devour. Mira is using the Zahara Matte Lip Cream in Sweetie to tie the whole look together.


8. Make sure to kick off your the bake application to reveal a non-creased, I-got-10-hours-of -sleep, brightened under-eye.


9. If you’re a little extra like us, we like an all-over glow that will last from day to night. Dip into the shade ‘Angelic’ that will make those cheekbones pop and glow!

10. Finally, let’s not forget those nails! Paint them with the shade that matches our Baju best. Mira is using Periwinkle Perfect and Blush Crush as an accent tone to contrast against her bright blue Baju!

    That’s all there is to it! Easy 10 step glam that will get you Raya Ready in no time. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more easy Raya Ready looks that will definitely be coming your way as we approach the end of Ramadan.

    Until then, stay safe and stay hydrated. Salaam Ramadhan and we’ll catch you on the next post!

    Love from,


    (Written by Luxmee Sabapathy)

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