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Hello Warriors!

Welcome back to another blog post. This week we are diving into a new lip trend that has left the ‘overlining lip’ trend in the dust!

While Instagram makeup is another world of its own, the larger public has been loving this easy-going simple and minimal look. This is far from the previous trend of spending so much time precisely lining your lips and using multiple products to get the illusion of bee-stung like plump lips.

We are loving this super blended and blotted lip that is slowly making waves this year. Originating from South Korea, this trend has finally arrived in the western world.

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The blown out effect gives your lip dimension and a more casual lived in look. More importantly, it’s super low maintenance that even after a long day, it fades beautifully to a nice stain on your lips.

The best part? It’s not difficult to achieve and you can use lip products which you already have. You might want to keep your glosses and more high shine lipsticks to the side. Opt for a more pigmented lipstick. The formula can vary but we’d go with something with a creamy-demi matte finish.

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Start by applying some colour in the middle of your lips and feather it out around to the edge of your lips. If you want a little more definition, you may dot some lipstick on the perimeter of your cupid bow area and blend.

Do note that when you use a traditional bullet lipstick, the chances of fading are really high and it’s guaranteed that your lip look won’t last throughout the day. You can definitely use the same techniques with a liquid lip!

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Try our shade Mystery for that deep plum colour - it will fade to a softer pink towards the end of your day.

Alternatively, Colourpop does a brilliant selection of Ultra Blotted Lips and their brand new Velvet Lux Bullet Lipsticks which you can try for a similar effect!

What do you think about this trend? Do like the gradient blurry effect? Or are you still stuck on the lip lined look?
Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear how you love wearing your lipsticks!

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(Written by Luxmee Sabapathy)

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