Get Your Healthiest Nails Yet – The Inside Knowledge on Healthy Nails

April 19, 2017 2 min read

Did you know nails and hair both contain the same things? That’s right! They both have keratin! This means that eating what is healthy for your hair is also fantastic for your nails. Soooo you should be eating foods high in nutrients, vitamins, and protein, read on how to get super healthy nails.

  • Nail hardeners do more harm than good! A healthy nail is flexible, nail hardeners can prevent your nail from breathing and put more chemicals on it that stunt growth.
  • If you use regular nail polish (not water permeable) then make sure to let your nails have a break once in a while so they can breathe! Don’t take your nail polish off and then put another coat right back on.

  • Continually moisturize your cuticles and nail bed. Our nails can become unhealthy and break due to lack of moisturizing. Make sure to use lotion or oils around the nail this will prevent nails from cracking, splitting, and breaking!
  • Obviously try not to do gel manicures as they really do ruin those health nails. No oxygen or water can get through, that is why when you take of the gel they are totally destroyed and most times tinted yellow.
  • Shampoo? Just like we told you above nails and hair are made of the same thing. Particularly if you use a shampoo that deals with oily hair, there are chemicals in shampoo that strip your hair to try to make it less oily, well the same thing is happening to your nails. You are stripping away the moisture!
  • Other things to remember for healthy nails, keep a look out for: how often you wash your hands USE BREATHABLE NAIL POLISH. Allows O2 & H20 to get in!

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