Glasses Are Not Just For Geeks!

April 19, 2017 2 min read

You might be thinking why you should love wearing glasses when there are countless reasons you shouldn’t:

  • They hide my beautiful eyes.
  • They look unflattering.
  • People think I’m a geek when I’m wearing them.

And the list could go on and on. However, allow me to let you in on a secret…You shouldn’t care!

Selena Gomez giving spectacles two thumbs-up! (Retrieved from

Glasses have the power to change your entire look.I mean, you can change your clothes, makeup, shoes, etc…but nothing changes your look the way glasses can. Like how Superman transforms into Clarke Kent by putting on his spectacles, you’re presenting the world an alternate version of yourself – a more badass version. Often people don’t recognize me when I wear my spectacles as I look totally different and which other fashion accessory can proudly boast that?

Since the dawn of teen rom-coms (Remember ‘She’s All That’?), where the ugly duckling magically transforms into the hot chick by just removing her spectacles, the media has been associating spectacles with nerdy, unlovable characters. Thankfully, the stereotype is slowly weakening and what more, going in the opposite direction! Geeky is the new sexy! With the popularity of shows like The Big Bang Theory, The New Girl, Glee and The Mindy Project, wearing glasses is no longer uncool but geek-chic. So put on your spectacles and let your inner geek shine through!


Mindy Kalingrocking her glasses as a doctor in her own show, The Mindy Project. (Retrieved from

Glasses not only enhance your eyesight, but your appearance as well. If you wear contacts often, those who are used to seeing with with them will do a double-take when you wear glasses – in a good way! Contrary to popular belief, spectacles don’t hide your beautiful eyes. The key is to pick the right pair that is flattering for your face shape. With so many colours, sizes and frame styles to choose from, you are really spoilt for choice! It really is a simple way to get dolled up and accessorise your face. So pick the right pair of glasses for you and not only will they draw attention to your beautiful eyes, they will heighten your natural features.

Dian Pelangi’s thick black frames provide an interesting contrast to her slim face and colourful clothes!  (Retrieved from

While it’s true that the notion still persists that if you wear glasses, you’re a nerd, you can also use that to your advantage. This highlights one of the coolest features of glasses (besides helping you see clearly!); you can be a fashion chameleon! Depending on the frame style you choose, your spectacles can make you look geekier. Or intelligent. Or adult. Or hipster-like. Or a sexy sophisticate. The choices are endless! However, remember that the right amount of eye makeup will help you accentuate your eyes. So go ahead and experiment with eyeshadows and eyeliners to find a look that complements your look and glasses!

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