February 21, 2018 2 min read

The Lunar New Year has come and passed and as we slowly start to put away our red decor for next year’s festivities, let me just walk you through what it’s like in the world of colour once again!

Many psychology tests and research show the different impact colour has to one’s mood or personality. It all falls under the study of colour psychology, a fun little field in itself!

Want to brighten up your mood? Want to find a shade that matches your mood?

Why not paint your nails the colour of your psychology!

Painting your nails, helps you carry the mood you would like to follow and even though psychology says the colour blue represents sadness, you could always find your unique shade of blue that makes you feel how you would like to. 

Here are some colours we know you’ll enjoy to rock on your nails, ready for a great time!

Blush Crush

This shade of pink is the perfect blend of bright pink with a subtle hint of coral. It looks great on every skin tone and even better, with a tan!

Arctic Queen

One of our pleasantly surprising colours, this icy blue is shade that silent but deceiving! Always a flattering shade to have, this icy blue brightens up your nails with a light wash of blue that almost gives you a nostalgia for that famous Tiffany blue! It’s elegant and exquisite that completes a whole look.

Miss Maccha

Let them go green with envy for your nails! This special shade was created with that green we all know and love in mind. Why our love for Matcha everything of course! Pair your favourite beverage with Miss Maccha to go with a pop of colour on your nails!

Periwinkle perfect

Sparkles galore! A different shade of purple to our popular shade Lovender, Periwinkle perfect is our light blush-ish purple tone with a generous dash of glitter! Clearly it will brighten up anyone’s day and make you feel like the enchanted princess you are!

You would be happy to know that all of our nail products are halal and even better, wudhu friendly. Allowing you to wear our beautiful colours while taking prayers. To ensure water permeability, we sent our products to a third-party laboratory to test this out and we passed with flying colours!

Formulated with the best ingredients sourced in Europe, they are halal and cruelty-free and free from the big 5 chemicals commonly found in regular nail polishes. It can be worn by anyone at every ages!

You can find all the colours mentioned and our other amazing colours here. Share the love with your sisters and friends with some pop of colour in your life!

Till next time!

Love from,Zahara

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