February 16, 2018 2 min read

Since Valentine’s Day couldn’t compete with this year’s Lunar Calendar New Year, we too can’t help but jump on the red bandwagon! This year, we have got your CNY look covered with all our festive red products for you to pick from. Lips, nails and even - eyes! Stay tuned for this, we’re giving you a little twist to one of our traditional products you probably didn’t even know you could use another way.

Look 1: Firecracker Fierce

Getting into the spirit of the Lunar New Year, legend has it that firecrackers and fireworks were used to scare away the dragon terrorising villagers during ancient times. To keep with the appropriate theme, the combination of War Paint and Warrior would be a perfect fit for the occasion!

Add our halal nail polish in the shade, War Paint on your nails for ample luck (and red packets 💵💵💵) to come your way this Lunar New Year! To match your fiery Chinese New Year statement look, Warrior is our perfect red shade for your lips. This two similar shades of red complement each other for a festive beginning.

Fight off bad energy with this shade of red combo for an auspicious celebration!

If bright reds are little out of your comfort-zone, that’s perfectly okay! Our next shade will appeal to your classy and elegant side.

Look 2: Demure Dragoness

If you’re feeling a little more muted and demure we’ve got just the right shade of red for you. Boss on your lips sets the tone for that epitome ‘Girl Boss’ Lunar New Year Look. This deeper shade of red is our subtle but packs a punch, red. If you’re looking for a low-key festive Chinese New Year feel, our halal matte lip cream in Boss is the right shade for you.

Don’t miss out on the celebrations of red and join the fun!

Look 3: Prosperity Eyes

So you must be wondering what we were talking when we mentioned we have a special red eye look for you! Could it be a new product? We’re sorry to bust the excitement, but not YET!

Instead, why don’t we show you a cool new way to use one of our long-time permanent product, our Matte Lip Creams!

Formulated to be halal and vegan, we’ve ensured only the best ingredients have been used. This means that they are safe for use around your eyes! Yes! That’s right!

With it’s matte finish you may go in with an angled eyeliner brush and apply it generously on your lids to achieve a wicked cat eye for your parties this Chinese New Year.

Want to get the look? Watch our latest Prosperity Eyes tutorial here:

What do you think? Will you recreate this party look? Make sure you tag us in your CNY festive makeup selfies! We’d love to see your beautiful work of art!

Are you salivating for these beautiful reds? Well, we have got a special gift set just for you! Grab your favourite reds with ourRed Bloom Bundle! It features all of the products mentioned here and you can get it all for only $60! Now that’s SUPER value for money!

Till next time, have a wonderful Lunar New Year celebration!

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