Hair Tips for Hijabis

April 19, 2017 3 min read

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Girls, you need to make sure you're taking care of your hair under there to prevent damage. Here are some tips to care for your hair properly so you don't do things that will destroy your hair over time!

  1. Never tie up wet hair - this applies to all ladies. Try your best to air dry or even blow-dry if you are in a rush before putting on your hijab. Tying wet hair damages roots, and it is even worse when wearing a hijab as your hair will not be able to air dry properly and will remain damp for the entire day. Also you will get a "hijab-hair" as your hair will start to dry flat to your head and be limp and lifeless.

  2. Try to get some sunray exposure. Vitamin D is necessary for our scalp and hair. It can be difficult to get any sun when always wearing a hijab. Therefore if you can sit outside for a little bit each week it will really improve the condition of your hair. If you cant sit outside then go to the sunniest portion of your house and open up the blinds and soak it all in!

  3. Brush you hair!You may think that because no one sees your hair it’s not a big deal to not brush it every day. But you need the natural oils your scalp produces to be brought down through your hair to create a natural restoration. It also increases blood circulation for faster growth and healthier hair.

  4. Let your hair out!When you are home make sure to take off your hijab to let your hair breathe and get some oxygen. Its good to untie your hair, shake it out, and run your fingers through it. If you need to continue to wear your hijab at home, then try to loosen up your tie and not keep it in a tight bun or ponytail.

  5. Wash your under scarves!This should come just as naturally as washing underwear, make sure not to forget. Your under scarves are what is directly touching your head not the scarf. The build up of dandruff and dust can make your hair less luscious and even start to smell, yuck! Try to switch up and rotate between your under scarves.

  6. Get regular hair cuts!The rumours are true – fresh cut hair is healthier and grows faster. Dead and split ends will stunt growth and your hair will not be as healthy, keep it beautiful!

  7. It is better to wear scarves made out of natural fabricssuch as cotton and silk. Other materials can cause friction and actually damage your hair quite extensively. It is always a good idea to wear an under scarf – it will also help preserve your scarves.

  8. Try to find a stylefor your hair that allows a loser tie or bun rather then pulling your hair very tightly to stay.

  9. Change your hair part once in a while.If you keep your part the same everyday it can increase your chances of hair thinning.

  10. Try to give your hair a massage with oils or a hair mask once a week. It is inevitable that your hair will be dryer by having to wear head scarves every day. Therefore treat your hair once a week to oils and other remedies to replenish natural oils.


Cover photo of Ruba Zai retrieved from @HijabHills

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Ellen H.
Ellen H.

January 09, 2019

I like that you suggested drying your hair first before wearing a hijab to because not doing so can leave your hair wet all day. This is a good tip for my friend who’s planning to shop for chiffon hijabs. Her hair is extremely long, so I’ll ask her to fix her hair early to have enough time to dry it before using a hijab.

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