Hairstyle inspiration for hot days

April 19, 2017 2 min read

You’re going to thank us for these easy hairstyles for hot days. There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling those little hairs cling to the back of your neck on a hot humid day or even worse running your fingers through your hair to discover your hair is already slicked back to your head, yuck. Here are our current 7 favourite styles to keep hair out of the way so we can go on living our life without a hair worry in the world.

1. Simple Pig Tail Braids

Our inspiration comes from last weeks Zahara Warrior Nadia Rahmat, she totally rocks all style braids. But we definitely love the simple two braids.

Braided pig tails are so cute and easy If you haven’t already checked her out – get ready to be inspired Nadia Rahmat
2. Fishtail braid

This style is super easy and yet it looks like you,ve been working on it for hours! Take the outer strands of your ponytail and wrap it underneath the other side and continue all the way done- simple as 1, 2, 3!

Fishtail braid
Not to mention we love the braid paired with a cute shoulder kitty.. Photo retrieved from Shop Glamarous
3. The Half Crown Braid

Braids are perfect to instantly cool us down. This style looks awesome if the rest of your hair is a total mess. Just take the front pieces (also awesome for bangs) and do a French braid for your desired length then loop the rest of the hair into an easy side pony!

Braided up-do
Ariana Grande is the queen of the beautiful braided updos
4. The Sock Bun

This major trend we certainly have not forgotten about. Regardless if you actually use the sock or not, this slicked back hairstyle leading to a perfect bun looks great. And is ready for the heat any day!

sock bun

5. The Bubble Ponytail

Olivia Wilde gave us total new inspiration to try this out! The bubble ponytail is just a ponytail with several other elastics throughout the rest of the tail, teasing the parts in between.

The bubble ponytail
6. Braided Up-Do

Take the simple pigtail braids from style #1, and play around!! If you want too you can make two big braids with the main portion of your hair and then keep two smaller braids that frame your face. Take all 2 or 4 and wrap and pin them to the back of your head!

braided up-do
Jessica Alba making this up-do the ultimate sexy messy look.
7. Headscarf Accessorize

Grab a bandana or one of your favourite scarves and just play around, this will keep the sweat from going anywhere and keep your pretty locks in place. We love how versatile this look is and how fun it can be for the summer days at the beach.

Photo retrieved from Pretty Plain Janes
Let us know which styles you love or if you have a go to hairstyle for the heat – share with us!! If you want more tips on how to complete the perfect beach day check out our past blog.

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