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We're feeling especially light on our feet with today being the 8th of March, marking another year in celebration of us, women! At Zahara, we are proud to be rejoicing women empowerment and girl power! It has been a special week for us as we have been bringing you an inspiring story from an inspiring Zahara Warrior everyday.

Today we won't just be shining a light on one single Zahara Warrior. We would love to give a massive shout out to these two amazing ladies who had nominated their sister and best friend as a delightful show of appreciation and affection. 

Let's learn more about these four wonderful Zahara Warriors! 

Best friends, Sue & Marisa. 

Who was nominated: Dr. Sharifah Suraya Wan Abdul Rahman affectionately known as, Sue (@merryayagoround)

Who was she nominated by: Marisa

Marisa's entry:

"She exudes a calm strength despite all the challenges she faces on her way to becoming one of the best OMFS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) surgeons in the world. She is her family’s pillar, she is a stern but soft dentist and she embraces her responsibilities in this life and for the Hereafter. She can do anything she sets her heart and mind to.

She is her own person and she wears herself proud - scars and all.

She is my best friend."


*Fun fact from Marisa: Sue's favourite Zahara lip colour is Boss and she tried to steal mine. Then we found it at FashionValet and stocked up! 


Sisters, Hanana & Hania Bamadhaj 

Who was nominated: Hanana (@hnnbmdhj)

By who: Her sister, Hania 

Hania's entry:

"She's my little sister and she is currently doing her degree in political science. I nominated her because of her enthusiasm in believing that with her line of studies, she'd be able to use it to create peace in the world. Besides that, although it isn't a big business, she's currently selling hair oils that has been proven to help a lot of women who deals with hair loss and anything hair related at a very low price. She wants all the ladies to be able to afford to make themselves more confident without breaking the bank. She's also my rock and although she doesn't know it, I am so proud and I look up to her. I believe that one day she'll be able to achieve all of her visions. No doubt about it."


Thank you for all your wonderful Zahara Warrior entries! We'd still love to mention everyone who nominated for their special persons so be sure to check the list below to see if you have been nominated: 

  • Dayana Rayme (@thedayana) nominated by Hisyam
  • F. Amrah Ahamed Harish (@amrah_a_harish @aah_calligraphy) nominated by Hafsah Ahamed
  • Agrima (@agrimaghosh1) nominated by Natasha 
  • Zainab Yahya & Nur Rasyidah (@nora_cida) nominated by Nor 
  • Shairul Fazleena nominated by Lilith
  • Morhazlin Murlin Binte Mohamed nominated by Francis Cheng
  • Fauziah Binte Ismail nominated by Eyra
  • Ainon Ibrahim nominated by Kristine Ibrahim
  • Wardah Zainal Abidin (@aishahansari) nominated by Aishah Ansari Mohamed
  • Rosmiati (@oshtikos) nominated by Roskurniasih
  • Nareema nominated by Nur Azlin
  • Siti Aisha (@sitiaisha) nominated by Habeebullah Mohamed Zakaria

That's it ladies, have a wonderful day. Be sure to treat each other with the love and kindness you would treat your mother and sisters.

Let's continue to stick up for each other on our path to equality and women empowerment!

Till next time!

Love from, 


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