March 16, 2018 2 min read

In honour of this special day, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog post about our wonderful lips. You won’t believe it, but we constantly take our luscious lips for granted. It is a muscle that moves everyday if not every second, and I bet you didn’t know these things about them…

Your lips need sunblock!

Yes that’s absolutely right. Just like any other skin on your body, your lips also require protection from the sun. If you’ve been experiencing an unexplainable recurrence of chapped lips, then this might be your problem. The sun is not forgiving and you would do well to protect against those powerful UV rays.

We will lose our pout over time…

Ever admire Angelina Jolie’s lips? Well she may not have her signature pout forever. Gravity and old age is to blame when our once fuller lips slowly fade. Like our skin, the flesh on our lips will start sagging and lose the elasticity over time, we can’t help it. That’s nature!

There’s a reason why you experience dry lips often

Your lips don’t have any sweat glands!

As we all know, sweat glands are responsible for keeping our skin nice moisturized(maybe too moisturized some times - am I right oily girls?). Since your lips don’t have any sweat glands, they tend to dry out faster and require moisturization more so than you think.

If your lipsticks tend to bleed...

We understand the pain of when a bold lip turns into a horror scene without you realising. Some formulas can slip and slide outside your lip line causing it to bleed and smear (yikes) all across your face.

If that’s you then let me introduce you to our little friend, lip liner. By outlining your lips with some lip liner, the liner acts as a barrier to your lipstick. This will keep the lipstick in place. Inside those lines.

Lip liner is also a good tool to use if you’re feeling like cheating outside your lip line for a fuller looking lip! Watch Amira’s tips below to get an idea.

Lip Appreciation Day Hacks! from Zahara on Vimeo.

Phew, doesn’t that seem like hard work to care for your plump puckers? Like all things in life, they too deserve some good ol’ TLC (tender loving care). We hope that has inspired you to find a new appreciation for your lips and reminds you to take the time to care for them too!

Our Zahara Matte Lip Creams are formulated to be longwearing but not drying so give them a go if you’re looking for some lipsticks that guarantee won’t bleed outside your lip line!

Kisses! Till next time ladies!

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