Hijab Sites – The Top Ten You Need To Follow NOW

April 19, 2017 3 min read

Beauties, we’ve sifted through countless sites discovering the best of the best. And we know that we’ve found the absolute 10 best hijab sites to follow now. They have fresh, new looks and styles they really are the greatest. In no special order we have:

1. Adlina Anis

Adlina is truly amazing she is a designer, writer, fashion stylist, and runs her own e-commerce website. This Singaporean girl truly has mastered and created some unforgettable looks. Our favorite? The I.C.E Onesie Hijab. It is so simple it is perfect for when you are in a rush or have a quick meeting to run too. Definitely a must-have in all of our closets. Also Adlina has an amazing YouTube channel with some of the best tutorials available – definitely worth checking out.
Adlina Anis

2. HijUp.com

HijUp is one of the first Islamic fashion e-commerce sites, established in 2011. HijUp stands for Hijab Upm just like make up and dress up. They believe they can bring something Up to all Muslim women. Featuring countless boutique designers HijUp is on the ball with their fashion sense. The hand chosen designers they chose to help sell products for are all perfect with each one bringing a new element to the site. Definitely worth checking out.

3. Zalora

Zalora has quickly become one of the top leading e-commerce sites in Asia. Founded only a couple of years ago in early 2012. They are have quickly grown to be present in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, wow. Now they’re starting to pick up on modest fashion, and we’re loving some of their collaborations. They just released a new style Sugarscarf, and it is way to sweet!

4. Ilham Echenta

Ilham Echenta was officially launched in November 2012 and has grown significantly over the years. The customer base ranges over many continents. Echenta is a Malaysian turban designer, stylist, and make-up artist – a triple threat! We really adore her creative style with the dual turban it is out of this world, bringing a whole new presence to the outfit.

Illham Echenta
5. Sufyaa

Sufyaa is a local favorite in Singapore. They are consistently bringing top quality and beautiful Hijab. As if they weren’t awesome enough they have a YouTube video with every item they sell showing you how to style it as well. Boo yah! They introduced a special line for the upcoming celebrations, Enchanted Eid, and it is more than magical!

6. Miss Rayyan

100% Singaporean with the mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, we know that they will go far. The Miss Rayyan team is a completely online company, with extremely good prices for what they offer. We really love their accessories page. The pins they sell are very chic and cute. Definitely buying some after this.

Miss Rayyan
7. Ayu Apparels

Ayu Apparels is an online fashion brand in Singapore. The collections are constantly being updated and adjusting to the latest desires and trends. They sell everything from everyday wear to special occasion evening attire. They give outstanding quality at really low prices, what could be better? The sparkle viscose shawl (especially dark purple) is the perfect touch of glam and sparkle that isn’t too much for everyday wear.

Ayu Apparels
8. Sahara Shawl

Sahara Shawl aims to be one of the most exciting online Hijab Stores, and we have to give them props for that! They definitely are consistently giving new products, updating their pages almost daily! Volumizer Snood! We never heard of it before coming across it on their page but it is awesome! It gives a full look that is very volumized and looks stunning when on.

Sahara Shawl
9. House of doll

Nur Fazura created House of Doll, showcasing and selling Fazura’s own designs. Also available at her store are different pieces from around the world. Fazura releases new designs every month so there is always something fresh and different to discover. The store has been raved about for it’s different quirky elegant style. We really love that Fazura decided to pursue this passion after finding success in so many other areas such as acting, a TV host, and media personality among so much more.

House of Doll
10. Neng Geulis

Neng Geulis creates thoughtful elegant styles that really spoke to us. Really love what they embody. Each of Neng Geulis creation is crafted with practicality without neglecting quality, embodying love and passion towards femininity, encouraging women to embrace modesty and leading towards peace and serenity which Islamic fashion provides. The Sarra Haul line drew us in, the two toned colors work perfectly together and are just sooo elegant.

Neng Geulis

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