How To Do The Perfect Red Lip

April 19, 2017 1 min read

The perfect red lip is one of the classiest make-up looks to do! We absolutely love a sassy red lip.

1. Exfoliate your lips with our favourite exfoliator is a gentle toothbrush. Then moisturize. If you don’t exfoliate and moisturize your lipstick will not go on evenly and it will look peeled and cracked, which we definitely do not want.

2. Apply your lip liner, if you forget how to do this check out our tips . For the nice red lip cover you entire lip with lip liner.

3. Apply your favourite red lip, for this one we recommend using a lip brush for a more precise application. Don’t know which red to go with? If you have:

  • Pale to medium skin tones- go for a cool lip (blue-based red colour)
  • Olive to dark skin tones- go for a warm lip (orange-based red colour)

4. Apply concealer around your lips afterwards to make your red lip really pop!

5. If you’re going to be having a couple drinks out tonight then either put on a long-wearing lipstick or drink through a straw!


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