How to Up Your Selfie Game

April 19, 2017 2 min read

Kylie Jenner has recently passed the 70-million mark on Instagram, which is an impressive feat considering the fact that she isn’t even 20 years old. Of course, her celebrity status brought in majority of her followers, but it can’t be just that, right? There’s got to be more than just being a member of the Kardashian clan…like say, being a makeup mogul and selfie queen? She’s the girl everyone loves to hate (or hates to love, depending on who you ask) but we all can’t deny her social media prowess. 

One plausible reason for Kylie’s Instagram fame is her #selfiegame. She takes several selfies every day; in different lightings, locations, outfits and with a variety of accessories (human or otherwise). And they usually feature her hands. Go ahead…check out her feed and you’ll realise she features her hands in a lotof selfies. So if you want to replicate this selfie queen’s iconic gestures, read on to find out how to up your #selfiegame!

1. The Peace Sign

Kylie Jenner
The OG selfie with a modern twist: the peace sign with duck face and a slightly tilted camera angle.

2. The Floating Hand

Kylie Jenner
Don’t know what to do with your hands? Well, not to worry…just rest them on your hips or drape them oh-so-casually over your face or hair.

3. The Cover-Up

Kylie Jenner
Let your eyes and manicure do the talking for this pose as you smize into the camera and cover your pout.

4. The Nibble

Kylie Jenner
The easiest way to look both sexy and cute: just place the tip of your thumb in your mouth and stare fiercely into the camera.

5. The Think-Face

Kylie Jenner
There’s RBF…and then, there’s RTF (resting think face). When you’re tired of thinking of selfie poses, just curl your fingers over your mouth and frown slightly to show off your thinking face!

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