March 02, 2018 3 min read

Happy Makeup March lovelies!

How fast does time fly by? Can you believe that we are already into the 3rd month of the year?!

To kick things off this Makeup March, Zahara is going to be sharing some tips and tricks to get your glam on and out through the door in no time.

Eyeliner has been around since before Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt notoriously stole the stage. Bare in mind, everyone’s eyes are different. Meaning, not all shapes will suit different shapes of liner. Are you confused? Here are some eyeliner tips to help you achieve that feline flick you’ve always been meaning to wear!

If you want bigger eyes

Sometimes you just need to know when to put the eyeliner down. We all have those moments where we get too carried away and things just go a little bit out of hand.

Our tip to achieve bigger eyes starts (and STOPS) at simply lining your top lash line. Tight-lining your eyes helps to create the illusion of bigger eyes by faking a shadow between your lash line and waterline. Going overboard by lining your bottom lash line boxes in your eye, giving you a squinted look.

Another plus with this tip, is that by tightlining your top lash line it also play with the illusion that you have fuller lashes! Wow!

Play with colours

Eyeliner doesn’t just come in the colour black. Using different colours at different parts of your eye create entirely unique effects. For one, using brown eyeliner instead of black, softens up your look significant. If you still want to look sleek but elegant, opt for a brown eyeliner to soften up the harsh black lines.

Did you ever wonder what to do with white or nude eyeliner? They’re for brightening up your eyes! If you want to appear well slept (don’t we all) and refreshed, pop a lighter eyeliner shade preferably nude if not white on the bottom waterline and it will give you a fuller wide-eyed look!


Just wing it!

I know, you’ve been struggling for years to perfect that cat eye you’ve always loved. You do a great job with filling out your lid space but when it comes to the flick, that’s where things get messy. Fear not! We’ve got an excellent trick for you.

Keep in mind that your eyes are not symmetrical, meaning they might be at different angles so don’t be too hard on yourself with trying to perfect the flicks on both sides.

What we recommend is using a piece of card to help you as a guide. Angle the card and make sure that is is resting between the natural line of your lower lash line and the end of your brows. Then all there is left to do, is just trace and join the lines up! That simple! Of course we used our very own Zahara Longwear Eyeliner in Onyxfor a rich black look! 

You can watch our take on it here:  

Zahara Eyeliner Hack from Zahara on Vimeo.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our eyeliner tips and tricks. If you like more these blogs, let us know!

It was fun sharing tips with all you sisters and we hope to see you try out our hack for that perfect wing.

Till next time!

Love from, Zahara

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