March 30, 2018 3 min read

What are up with all these strange novelty days?!

We’re not sure who comes up with these days but we sure would love to celebrate them. On this special “Pencil Day” we’re paying homage to our wonderful eyeliner pencils.

Love them or hate them, they’re there for you when you need that extra darkening around your eyes for a sultry and smokey look.

Personally, my love affair with eyeliners started in my early teen years when I would try my best to rock plain black eyeliner in my lower waterline and pray that I wouldn’t get pulled out of line because I wore makeup to school!

Fast forward several years later… and we are so lucky to live in the age we are in! The evolution of makeup has taken us to so many different revolutionary and classically reimagined looks. The typical pencil eyeliner has been reformulated and remastered into a tool that will make any look complete!

Let’s look into some eyeliner pencils you can find today.

Regular Eyeliner Pencils:

They’re your cross breeds between Kohl and Kajal pencils. Since they’re a hybrid of both, you get to meet in the middle with the benefits of both Kohl and Kajal.

They’re slightly sturdier than your regular Kohl, offering longer lasting results - meaning less smudging but also versatile enough to use as a base for your smokey eye look.

Kohl Eyeliner Pencils:

This is your rich and creamy go to your smoking out your eyeshadow base! Known for its smooth texture that glides on your your lids meaning there’s no need to tug on your eye for colour pay off.

It can be used in your waterline, but usually it’s best to avoid this as it doesn’t last long and has the tendency to crease or smudge outside your eyes.

Kajal Eyeliner Pencils:

Traditionally used by Bollywood actresses, Kajal eyeliner is amazing to use if you know how to do it right! The beauty of this pencil is that it is not creamy. The trick is to use a small drop of water to activate it’s creaminess to your desire.

If not, you may use it to tightline or liner your waterline with the assurance that you know it won’t budge throughout the day.

Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil:

Thank you technology for this ingenious invention. This eyeliner doesn’t different from your regular eyeliner pencil, just that thanks the the brilliant minds of today, we don’t have to panic and scramble for our sharpener when our pencil goes blunt. Just twist up!

Gel Eyeliner Pencil:

These are still rare finds! Only a few cosmetics brands have formulas like this. Ever wanted true versatility all in one? Gel eyeliner pencil is your go to! Smoke out your eyeshadow base - check. Tightline and waterline proof - check. Creamy long lasting formula - check.

Forget your traditional Gel eyeliner in the tub. It’s not really convenient to have to carry a brush with you when you need to use it now is it?

Take a look at our Zahara Longwear Eyeliner. It’s a mechanical pencil liner with a gel formula. Really packing everything you need, all in one!

Like I said earlier, aren’t you glad to exist today? Makeup has really altered and revolutionised hoping to make our experience easier and our application more precise and flawless!

We hope you enjoyed a little insight into eyeliner pencils on this world pencil day. Which is your go-to favourite pencil you use?

Be sure to let us know below! Till next time!

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