Mixing Up Your Lipstick(s)

April 19, 2017 1 min read

No matter how many lipsticks we own even if it’s 999, we will never say no to the 1000th. But what we really need to start doing is using what we have – I know we are all guilty of having lipsticks that may have not even been touched since purchased… So lets start mixing them up with these tricks!

The fun lipsticks to mix are bright colors or deep reds. Both have strong looks so when mixing it makes it very easy and versatile to change it up! A great color combination is to do a dark purple with a bright red – it will make that “oh so berry” look.

Obviously a neutral shade or lip-gloss will tone down your look. We recommend to always put the neutral shade on top of the bright color rather then underneath it.

Pro Tip: Go ombre. Ombre has never been bigger! Use it anyway you want – who says that two lipsticks need to be perfectly mixed. Why not do the two-toned look and play it up. Mix and match and go wild!

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It’s fine to mix multiple layers but to avoid your lipstick becoming too gunky always do the most matte of your chosen lipsticks first and finish with the shiniest and glossiest ones last. This combination is actually perfect as combining the two different types will allow for extra long wear – the matte is a good foundation to keep on the glossy lipstick.

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