Nailing the Perfect Blush

April 19, 2017 2 min read

Ladies, here are six steps to help you on how to get the perfect blush! Have fun

1st Step: Picking the Perfect Blush

  • There are many different shades and types so it can definitely be overwhelming. Powder and gel are typically the best for oily skin, I prefer powder. A cream blush is good for dry skin, just make sure to moisturize before applying! Try to match the pink hue to what best suits you, on a nice bronzed face a brighter red may look terrific where on someone with a paler tone it could look a little too much! Or go pink for that innocent angel look.

2nd Step: The Blush Brush

  • The brush is even more critical than the blush itself. You need to make sure you are buying a brush that is a good quality one, if you have a flaky one or one that doesn’t hold the pigment you’re not going to do the blush, or your face, justice.

Applying blush on Zahara Warrior Iman before our London shoot
Our beautiful Zahara Warrior Iman looking amazing as always
3rd Step: Face Prep
  • Make sure that your face is nice and clean! And that any foundation or bronzer you want is already put on! It should also be the last makeup product to go on your face aside from setting spray.Check out our past blog here to get the secrets on flawless skin 101.

4th Step: Lighting

  • When applying you need to make sure you are in a well-lit area with as much true sun or real lighting as possible. Another great trick is a makeup mirror with a light because that will cast shadows along your contour to help show where you should be applying colour.

5th Step: Fish Face

  • Pucker up and do your best fish face!! This helps identify the apples of your cheeks. Dont try to smile and do it it will not put the colour in the right spot.

6th Step: Look Fabulous!!

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