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Neon Makeup For An Everyday Look

April 19, 2017 4 min read

If you’ve been paying attention to the makeup scene these past few months, you’d notice that the neon makeup trend is becoming more and more popular. The time has come for neons to shine. Like, literally. These colourfully bright hues are everywhere…from the latest looks on the fashion runway, on your favourite celebrity and basically flooding your Instagram feed. Now, neon makeup is different from glow-in-the-dark makeup, although most glow-in-the-dark makeup tend to be neon in nature. 

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Neon makeup is a great way to make a statement and like most things, the key is moderation. Take it a step too far and you’ll end up looking like a calefare in an ’80s music video. And nobody wants that, unless it’s Halloween. The best way to make neons an everyday look is to have only one focal point on your face rather than doing neon everything. That seems sensible, right?

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With so many shades to choose from; bright yellow, fuchsia, orange, lime, aquamarine; the possibilities are endless! Adding a little bit of neon in your makeup routine is a great way to make you look younger (and feel it too!) and brightens up your face considerably. I mean, if the sun’s gonna be shining brightly, why shouldn’t you too? Here are some tips on how you can rock the neon look this Raya!

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Contrary to popular belief, pulling off a neon blush is not impossible. Nothing can give you a sporty, vibrant glow like a megawatt blush. Nothing. I gotta say though, most people are turned off at the idea of putting a bright blush on their cheeks for fear of looking like a cast member of a Chinese Opera production.

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Let me break it down for you: the shade that you see in that blush case (be it hot pink, fiery coral or neon red) isn’t what will be on your cheeks. You are in control of the colour. So tailor how strong (or soft) the pigment will be on your skin tone or for the look you’re going for.

If you’re very fair or very dark, sometimes the stark flush can be a bit much. Blend the neon blush with a highlighter to make it more natural. You want a flush that looks like you just went to the gym. To pick the right shade for you (much like your usual blusher), consider your skin tone. Paler complexions suit pink shades while olive, darker skin tones suit stronger colours like orange or magenta.

(Retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/ringly/makeup/)

To pull off this look, make sure the rest of your face is pretty natural; eyebrows on fleek, a touch of mascara and a soft blush. To make your lips really pop against your summer glow, a fluorescent pink lip is the most flattering shade. Just check out Rihanna rocking the neon pink lip at a red-carpet event!

(Retrieved from http://27.media.tumblr.com/)

Now, if you’re still a little iffy on the neon lip look, why not try ombre lips? It won’t be as bright and eye-catching as a full neon lip, but it still has the wow factor. You can decide whether the neon colour goes on the inner or outer lips as they both give different looks. And guess what? Since you’re not slathering your lips with just one colour, you can go a little crazier with the colour choice. Yes, you should get that yellow lipstick.

(Retrieved from http://www.nylon.com.sg/)

Eye makeup is the most versatile when it comes to neons. You can play it in three ways; mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow. The most understated way to show off a little neon on your face is using coloured mascara. IMHO, blue or purple mascara is the best as it’s neon in a subtle, nonchalant way.

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If subtlety isn’t your thing, swap out the blue mascara for a coloured eyeliner. Right now, there’s so many colours out there; oranges, pinks, yellows, purples and even white. It’s definitely fun to play with and so versatile as you can put a thin line over your usual black liner for an easy and fresh look!

(Retrieved from http://whisperingirls.com/)

Last but not least, eyeshadow. This is the mother of all eye makeup looks (I almost typed dragons haha!) as putting neons on your eyelids is the best way to steal attention. I cannot stress how important it is to keep the rest of your face neutral is you’re going for a sweep of neon eyeshadow. There are, of course, many ways to play with it; from putting one colour on the whole eyelid to creating a seven-hued rainbow; so experimentation is key.

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Whichever look you go for, pair it with groomed eyebrows, a slick of mascara and dewy skin. Then all you need is a splash of neon and you’re ready to take over the world. So go ahead and swap your trusty blush, lipstick or eyeliner with a neon one. #yolo


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