January 23, 2018 2 min read

Happy Wednesday everybody! I know, I know, you’re buzzing with excitement for the upcoming Laneway festival. We too are so excited not only for the fun and the music but for the fashion and fabulous festival makeup looks!

Whether you’ll be channeling your inner Vanessa Hudgens AKA the Queen of Coachella, or going for that laid back Kendall Jenner vibe, here are some festival looks and products you should keep on hand.

Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella 2014
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  • 1. Playful accessories
  • Coming from a multicultural country like Singapore, bindis were something most of us in the region are familiar with. However, the trend has spread internationally, thanks to the creative girls over at Coachella.

    Head on over to your local Little India and shop for an array of colourful and beaded bindis that match your festival outfit. (We know you’ve been planning it for a while)

    Be warned, in a hot and sticky environment, bindis don’t tend to last so if you’re dedicated, bring a couple packs of these to replace as they wear out.

    2. Sunscreen

    Festivals are long. You will be standing in open air for hours, so be sure that your entire body is protected. Don’t skip out on your face! Apply SPF and reapply when needed throughout the day. The skin on our face is the first to start wrinkling so keep those lines away and wear your sunscreen.

    3. Longwear makeup

    Lashes are definitely an essential when you’re going for a statement look. You’re thinking volume, length and most importantly, longevity. What’s wrong than your mascara melting and ruining all the hard working into your stunning makeup? Be sure to stay fabulous withZahara’s Daredevil Lashes Mascara. It’s halal and water resistant to ensure your lashes stay big the whole festival! Pair it with our Longwear Eyeliner for that bold festival cat flick!

    On the topic of longwear, want your pout to stay pretty all day? OurMatte Lip Creams are formulated to be halal, transfer proof and long wearing. You won’t need to worry about colour bleeding or smudging from your lips. Just apply and go!

    4. Comfortable shoes

    You might be tempted to arrive in style, decked out in your highest heels for a wild time. Don’t forget that you will be standing most of the day likely on uneven-ground. Give your sky-high stilettos a pass and save them for another night on the town. Opt for some sneakers or boots at least your feet will stay dry when it rains!

    5. Water, water, water

    We can’t stress this enough about the importance of staying hydrated. Dancing and standing especially under an unforgiving sun is damaging to your body. Staying cool and drinking water will help combat any heat exhaustion so you have the stamina to enjoy all the festivities for the entire occasion!

    Do you have any other essentials to bring along with you?

    Let us all about your makeup look you hope to wear for the day and be sure to tag us in your selfie or group shots if you’ve used any of our Zahara products!

    Till then you battle on!

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