The Right Nail Colour for the Right Skin Tone

April 19, 2017 2 min read

When we decide we want to paint our nails, the nail color decision is sometimes based on mood, recent trends, and sometimes it is just what we know looks ah-mazing on us! There’s a reason for that. Here’s your simple guide to wearing the right nail color for your skin tone!

Pale Complexion

This skin tone is a cool skin tone. You will want to match with a blue-based polish. Nail colors that will look the best are pastel pinks, blues, greens, and beige. Stay away from the super dark mysterious colors, they will wash you out and make you look much paler then you actually are! You should also stay away from yellows, oranges and golds.

Light Complexion

This skin tone is fair but with a warm tone to it. Congrats your skin tone has a lot of options for variety! A nice nail colour with an orange/yellow tone will make your nails pop! Other shades that will rock with a light complexion are white, silver, light purples, berry shades, and darker pinks! Shades to stay far away from are dark blues like midnight blues, greens, and gold!

Tan Complexion

The nail colours that look best on this skin tone are quite comparable to the light complexion of a blue base polish. These warmer colours help bring out your tan! Light blues, pinks, and purples all look perfect, even a dark brown like a milk chocolate colour can look fab as well!

Olive Complexion

This is a skin tone I am personally super jealous of! This skin tone looks rad with neon nail colours, yellow, orange, peach, gold, burgundy, and wine coloured nails, basically almost every colour in the rainbow. Colours to avoid are dark blues and purples, and it is a personal preference on pastel colours. It can sometimes wash out your hands, but it is not ALWAYS the case.

Dark Complexion

You’re go-to nail colour is purple, it looks the best with this skin tone out of all 5 tones. As well neon colours are fabulous, especially a nice hot pink, nothing better! Be careful with using dark shades like black, it can look a little dull and doesn’t bring much attention to your nails.

Enjoy ladies!

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