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It’s been 10 years since the Beautyblender came into our lives and our makeup bags. Founder Rea Ann Silva‘s initial aim was just to create sponges for her and her friends as she was a bonafide beauty lover. Fast-forward 10 years, the California native has built an entire empire from this small hot pink cushion! And who best to give us tips and tricks to use the Beautyblender like a pro, than the creator herself? You’re welcome, ladies. 

The caption says it all; the OG.

Brushes, Be Gone
There’s 2 camps in the beauty world; those who swear by the Beautyblender and those who love brushes. One cool thing about the Beautyblender is its multitasking ability. “The Beautyblender takes the place of three or four brushes,” says Silva. You can use it for your foundation, blush, powder and contouring needs.

Makeup guru Huda swears by it too!

Use WET, Not Dry
Using the concept of wetting a makeup sponge to ‘activate’ the product, “[t]he way it was created to be used is wet,” Silva explains. Of course you don’t want it to be soaking wet but you don’t want to use it dry too, as it absorbs the product into the sponge instead of transferring it to your skin. “Run it under the tap for a few seconds, then squeeze out excess moisture until it’s damp.”

Bounce, Baby, Bounce
“Use the larger end to bounce it on your skin, pressing lightly on the surface,” says Silva. This creates a flawless, second-skin finish. For hard-to-reach areas, like the nose or inner corners of the eyes, you can either use the pointed end or the mini-Beautyblender.

The minis giving you some pastel perfection.

Clean It Please
Unlike a makeup brush, you have to clean the Beautyblender after each use. You can either run it under warm water or use a specific makeup sponge cleanser to remove excess product from your sponge. You want a clean sponge at all times, as it can harbour bacteria…which causes breakouts! “For clean makeup application, make sure that you clean your Beautyblender regularly and replace it every three months,” says Silva.

Warm water will do for us cheapos. Heh.

Don’t Throw Me!
As mentioned earlier, if not cleaned properly and regularly, your Beautyblender can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Yuck. After cleaning (when it’s still damp), don’t just toss it in your makeup bag. Silva suggests to use the plastic cylinder packaging it comes in as a “drying station.”

Now that you know, go slay the day.

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