February 07, 2018 2 min read

Ahh, the season of love has just arrived. Expect to bust out those love shaped decor, chocolates, and of course the staple pink and red flowers!

Whether you’re a believer for the day of Saint Valentine or believe the appreciation of your special someone should be expressed at any other day of the year, Valentine’s Day is your Hallmark card holiday perfect for singles, couples and anyone else alike!

If you’ve got someone on your mind, here are some ways you can express your fondness of them!


Good ol’ fashion notes
We live in a technology savvy and gone are the days of putting pen to paper and expressing how you really feel in a heartfelt note.

Something really sweet you can do is get a cute card and write a poem, invent a cute guessing game, sketch a comic or just write how you feel. Be as creative and as genuine as possible and surely, your special someone will be grinning from ear to ear.

Video Montage
Been with your partner for a while and you need something a little bit more to express your love for each other? Make a video montage!

In the day of Snapchat (RIP) and Instagram, we’re all about documenting our days with quick little snippets of our lives and we guarantee that you have saved a bank of this cute little videos with your significant other.

Why not compose a short clip with a few of these videos? Stitch them up with some video transitions, frames, stickers and fun music - Viola! A true testament of your undying love for that special one.

Make her blush!
Looking for something a little more special for your lovely lady? We have just the thing for you! This year, Zahara has put together an amazing gift package to celebrate Valentine’s Day! For 20 lucky lovers you can pick up this specially curated bundle of joy for only $80!

With it, you get one our full eyeshadow palette in Vintage Romance, two matte lip creams in Sweetie and Mystery and lastly, two of Zahara’s halal, wudhu friendly polishes in the shade Lovender and Blush Crush

That’s a pretty stellar deal we’re so excited to announce especially being one of our biggest bundle gift sets of the year!

Can’t get your eyes of it? You can find it here!


Chocolates and flowers, of course!
Something sweet for your sweetie perhaps? You can’t go wrong with a bundle of chocolates and candy bars to help sweeten the day! Pair them with some adorable pink or red Valentine’s Day decor and flowers just to show your sweetie who is the sweetest of them all!


We can’t help but fall in love with the season of love and hope everyone has a magical day whether with a secret admirer or just celebrating this time with some self-love and sister love!

Either way, don’t just let Valentine’s Day be the single day to remember to love yourself and one another.

Till next time!

from Zahara

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