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Breathable, water-permeable and wudhu-friendly are all terms you should consider when researching nail polishes Zahara is no stranger to that.
While a lot of you are familiar with our oxygen nail polishes, how many of you actually know what makes a nail polish breathable?

I’m here to break it down for you.
Here’s a little bit of biology. Like our skin, our nails also require water and oxygen to maintain their health.

Frequent use of “non-breathable” nail polishes suffocates your nails - leaving them thinner, more brittle and sensitive. As the polish acts as a tough barrier against water and oxygen particles, your nails are stripped of moisture. The longer you wear these polishes, the more they weaken your nails. This can destroy their hardiness, causing pain when you prep your nails before applying a new coat of polish. To prevent this, we recommend that you look for a nail polish that is not only breathable but also free from at least five of the main harmful chemicals found in most commercial nail polishes.

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The five chemicals to look out for are Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

If you’re someone who experiences yellowing or staining of your nails, there could be a couple of reasons why.

They are either stained from the harsh dyes and pigments used in the nail polish formula, or the formula contains an active ingredient of Formaldehyde.

The scary thing about Formaldehyde is that it creates a chemical reaction with the keratin (protein) in our nails, causing them to become brittle and yellow!

This is why we wanted to create breathable nail polishes that are both water permeable and free of harmful chemicals. This makes our formula thinner and lighter in application - which results in quicker drying time without compromising its crazy pigmentation.

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We hope that answers all the burning questions you have about breathable nail polishes! If you have any more questions check out our FAQ pageor email us in atcontact@zahara.com. Be sure to shop our range of nail polishes now because they are 35% off!!!  [PROMO ENDED]

A definite add to cart is our versatile Oxygen Top Coat.Apply a thin layer as a base on your perfectly buffed nails for an even polish application or use it as a top coat to lock your nail designs in place effortlessly!

Happy shopping lovelies!

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(Written by Luxmee Sabapathy)

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