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January 30, 2018 2 min read

If you’ve been loving a particular shade of matte lipstick for a while, you might sometimes feel a little bored with your look but still obsessed with that specific colour!

Well, one of our creative Zahara Warriors, Claire Tan(@clairetankt) posted an amazing look over the Christmas holidays using her Zahara Matte Lip Cream in the shade Warrior.

For her first festive holiday look, she went a for bold eye look and a gradient lip for a subtle pairing to complement her statement eyes.

You can watch her tutorial here:

Keep an eye out for how she applies her Zahara Matte Lip Cream to achieve a gradient look!

From the video, she demonstrated how she specifically applied her Zahara Matte Lip Cream in Warrior over the innermost part of her bottom and top lip. From there she takes her time smudging out the edges until it blends seamlessly for that effortless berry stained lip look.

To switch things up, since Warrior is a great classic red colour - perfect for that Christmas party; Claire added a little bit of golden sparkle matching her holiday theme.

Put your own spin to Claire’s sparkle look by choosing your preferred shade of our Zahara Matte Lip Cream and apply it all over your lips. Just before it starts to set, go in with your favourite lose pigment or glitter (we recommend small and light flakes to keep them from falling), and press them over the Matte Lip Cream just before it dries down completely.

Be sure to work fast! Ensure you have all the tools you need nearby you to speed up your process.

For her next look, Claire laid over a shiny gloss to change the finish of her lips.

Over her usual application of her Matte Lip Cream she layered a light or clear gloss to achieve that fuller lip look. You could also try layering different colours of gloss to achieve your own customized pigment with a change of texture!

Finally, for the last and ever trending way to wear this look is to just apply your Warrior Matte Lip Cream straight from the tube!

Well done to Claire for coming up with such a unique way of wearing our traditional Zahara Matte Lip Cream!

What were your favourite ways Claire completed her festive holiday look? Are you liking her super creative glitter lips or loving the subtle smudge of a gradient lip. 

Let us know what types of looks you love or you're anticipating and we will create our own Zahara version for it! Remember, Valentine's Day is just around the corner...

Till then you battle on!

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