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April 19, 2017 3 min read

Dian Hazwani is a young singer/vlogger who got her start on YouTube. She gained quite a following with her melodic covers of Malay and English songs and started vlogging her travels within Singapore and around the world. Her appetite for exploring different places (and food!) is voracious and her videos are a testament to that! Her fans are clearly lapping it up because her YouTube videos have garnered over 30,000 views! Her travel vlogs take a genuine, humourous look on what it’s like to traipse the world as a Muslim woman so Dian Hazwani is one name you should look out for in 2016!


Dian donning one of Lully Selb’s graphic printed shawl

Give us three words to describe yourself.
I’m pretty impulsive, effortlessly stylish and surprisingly random.

What got you started on YouTube?
Singing. Back in 2007, I thought it was cool to post my first singing cover of Jason Mraz’s song “I’m Yours”, dreaming that maybe he would watch my cover on YouTube (the video’s no longer available though) and that was the same year when Yuna started her career. Can’t believe it, she’s a successful international singer-songwriter now. She’s insanely amazing!

Who are your musical inspirations?
Both my father and my brother. My father used to be the lead singer and guitarist in a band back in the 70s. He actively performed for events and live shows on television. My big brother followed in his steps and started his own band called “The Full Pledge Munkees” in 1999, which recently had two shows in Singapore and Malaysia to celebrate the band’s 17-year anniversary! Check them out if you are a fan of the ska punk genre like me. I grew up watching my dad sing and play the piano in the living room most of the time, watching my brother and his bandmates jam to ska punk music and touring with them to Malaysia. That was when I started to understand and appreciate the underground music scene more. They’ll always be my musical inspirations, my idols.


Gaudi lovers rejoice atPalau Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
I see myself having successfully travelled around the world, with all 20 countries checked off my bucket list. Be a well known hijabi YouTube traveller/vlogger who has at least 400K subscribers with thousands or millions of views. Also, most probably married with two kids and travelling with my own family at the age of 33. Hehe!

We know you love travelling (like us!). Which countries do you plan to go next?
Can’t deny that I love travelling! I’ve been travelling to Europe the past few years. Next I’d like to go to Japan, maybe spend some nights in Tokyo and pay a visit to Disneyland! Then, off to Hokkaido – I’d love to try snowboarding! Then maybe fly off to New York, meet some friends in Manhattan and celebrate the new year over there. Also, I’m planning to go to Greece next year! I’ve been wanting to see beautiful Santorini (I’m a fan of the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”). Maybe visit Bali and enjoy the beautiful beaches, rice fields and Mount Batur. Oh, and perhaps save some money for Rome, Italy! And fly off to Barcelona and meet my Spanish family there. Trust me, I’ve been checking off the places I’ve been to from my bucket list! Travelling is fun and beautiful, so I’ll keep on travelling!


At thebeautiful Nasarid Palace at Alhambra in Granada, Spain

What’s your favourite Zahara product?
Zahara’s nail polish! Simply Covered and Modesty Muse are my personal favourites! And oh, my newest favourite is their Onyx Longwear eyeliner. It’s the bomb!

Which makeup product can’t you live without? Why?
Bobbi Brown’s skin foundation stick and sheer finish press powder. I love makeup that gives my skin an all-natural look and its creamy yet weightless texture applies effortlessly and blends in seamlessly so I get fresh, smooth, even skin!

As a Zahara Warrior, what advice would you give someone hoping to start her own YouTube channel?
First ask yourself, what’s your talent? You got to ask yourself that first, before even hoping to get thousands of subscribers! Nothing’s impossible if you know yourself. Be true to who you are, believe in yourself and most importantly, it’s okay to be shameless sometimes. What I mean by shameless is, just be comfortable in your own skin and be yourself! You’ll enjoy yourself more not having to worry about others’ opinion of you. And have fun while you’re at it!


Enjoying a cup of tea by the balcony in Seville, Spain

Check out Dian Hazwani @dianhazwani on Instagram and on her website for vlogs, photos and music!

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