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Kaushal (pronounced ‘Ko-shul’) is no stranger to fame; with more than 500 thousand Instagram followers, 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and other social media numbers we’re not even counting; she’s definitely on the path to greatness. I mean, with a name that means skilful and clever, her fate was written in the stars! Born and raised in England, this 28-year old Zahara Warrior has made a name for herself in all things beauty and makeup-related. Her blog covers a range of topics from fashion, lifestyle, hair and skincare tips, travel to even positivity! (Pssst! Her favourite positive website is Bon Vita.) Here are three of Kaushal’s tips! ☆ ☆ ☆


How should I find the right foundation shade for me?
1. Always take a sample home.
2. Make sure you tell the MUA your skin type.
3. Find a foundation for your skin type (if you skin is oily, stay clear from oily/dewy foundations).
4. Be happy with the level of coverage.
5. Use your sample at home to see if you can work with it.
6. Take pictures with and without flash in daylight and nighttime to see how it looks in photographs (stay away from foundations with SPF if you’re going to wear it during flash photography!).
7. Don’t feel pressured to buy there and then!


What are some tips on starting your own blog/YouTube channel?
1. Write/talk about something you are passionate about.
2. Try and be creative with the topics you write/talk about.
3. Read other blogs/watch other videos for inspiration.
4. Good Photography.
5. Good Lighting.
6. Sign up to all social media to share your content.
7. Most importantly, be yourself and let your personality shine throughout your blog posts/videos. 


What’s the best skincare routine for me?
Skincare is something which is different for everyone. I would say, always make sure you are drinking enough water, eating generally well and cleansing, toning & moisturising your skin every day, twice a day. Personally, I love doing masks once or twice a week – all depending on what my skin is like that week. When it comes to buying skincare I would suggest the best thing to do is get samples before you buy anything! You want to make sure the products agree with your skin type before splurging. What works for me or you, may not work for others so always do your research and stock up on samples before buying!

Click below to watch her most popular tutorial video; a Kylie Jenner-inspired look!

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