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April 19, 2017 2 min read

Queen Rania of Jordan also known as Rania Al-Abdullah most definitely fits the role of a Zahara Warrior. At only 44 she has accomplished so much in her lifetime and has been a true role-model across the board for all young women. Much of her day-to-day life is listening to the people of Jordan to make sure that she is helping where she can and creating solutions to problems she finds. She is a mother, a Queen, a business leader, and a womens’ right activist.


Queen Rania looking effortlessly stunning as always

Early Life

Queen Rania was born in Kuwait in 1970 to Palestinian parents, raised alongside two sisters in Tulkarm. She studied at the New English School in Kuwait City and then went on to study at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Forced to flee due to first gulf war in 1991 Queen Rania and her family left Kuwait and moved to Amman, Jordan.


Soon after moving to Kuwait she went to a party and met her prince charming. 2 months later they were engaged, 6 months later they were married. A true fairy tale story! Married to the King of Jordan Abdullah bin Al-Hussein for over 22 years now with four children Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma, and Prince Hashem. At only 28 years old she became the Queen of Jordan, beautiful, full of passion and the youngest Queen in the world at that time!

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Human Rights

Coming from non-royal origins made her the perfect Queen as she knew where the people came from and had strong desires to help them. Her two biggest involvements are to women and children’s rights specifically for domestic violence. Another huge role she plays is taking the opposing side to ‘honor crimes’ which is the killing of women who are believed to have committed adultery or dishonoured their family.


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IT Advancement

Queen Rania believes that IT advancements will help society therefore she has worked very hard to bring IT to schools and other public institutions.


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Public Health

Queen Rania knows exactly how important health is, that’s why she has become involved in numerous public health committees. She educates individuals in Jordan about organ donation, blood diseases and their prevention.


If she wasn’t involved enough Queen Rania also has an entrepreneurial side to her as well. She has established an easy way for people with less resources and money to be able to get small loans to pursue their entrepreneurial adventures to begin to break the cycle of poverty.

After being involved and influencing so many others it is a no brainer that she is one of the most highly regarded women in the Arab world and as well by women across the globe. We hope that Queen Rania and other phenomenal women like her can inspire and be role models you look up to


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