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If you didn’t know anyone who could move mountains before, here is someone for you to get to know.

Sarah Bagharib is a force to be reckoned with. Her humanitarian efforts span across many different projects. She is the founder of Crazycat, an organisation which hopes to inspire and support women through events, workshops, and content.

From Sarah’s career in journalism and production, to her support for a variety of women’s issues, and to her current full-time position at an International Medical Humanitarian Aid Organisation. She proves that her passion for community has always remained no matter what role she is in. There is always an intention to bring awareness to people who need it the most.

Zahara is proud to have the pleasure to work with someone as altruistic and conscious about women empowerment. Together, we have come together in support of Crazycat’s event next Monday, 30th April, 7.30pm - 9.30pm. We believe in their message to "Letting Your Light Shine" and encourage all you Zahara Warriors to quickly book your tickets to have a chance to learn from these fantastic role models such as Noor Tagouriand many others! It’s truly an occasion not to miss! 

For now, let’s actually get to know the brains behind this movement, the fantastic Sarah Bagharib.Be sure to stay until the end of the article for a special Crazycat welcome!

Read on...

Zahara: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Sarah: I'm a former documentary producer/director and I've worked on a range of programmes, from hard-hitting current affairs for Al Jazeera to a series of contemporary artists for Bloomberg TV. After five years of working in TV/documentary production, I decided to try something different and now work for an international medical humanitarian aid organisation as a Communications Officer!

I also have a few side hustles cause... I can't sit still! I'm a founding member of The Codette Project, a ground-up initiative that hopes to get more minority women into tech, and also currently sit on the Corporate Communications Advisory Committee at the Singapore Muslim Women’s Association (PPIS). I'm a social advocate who pushes as hard as I can for all things that empower women! Also in February this year, I gave a TEDx talk about how I'm trying to overcome my self-doubt.


Zahara: Describe yourself in 3 words

Sarah: (This is hard! But I'll go for...) Spirited, loyal and crazy (GOOD crazy!)


Zahara: Why did you start Crazycat?

Sarah: Three years ago, I started using the hashtag #shineonyoucrazycat on my personal Instagram posts whenever I shared about inspiring women I've met. The term "Crazycat" itself is derived and inspired by Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond –– but with a more positive slant! The hashtag was more of a collective for me to look at on bad days to spur me on. But I've always wanted to do something more with that hashtag. I realised that if collecting these stories made me feel less alone in this journey called life, then it'll probably make other women feel the same as well. I also realised that there are plenty of women networks and organisations around but they mainly cater to the top-tier women, the C-suites, the more... privileged. What about the everyday women? Women like myself, or the baristas, the domestic workers, the single mothers –– women who do their best everyday and live life serving their own purpose and are not without struggles. I wanted to build a community, a safe space, a platform for us, the everyday women to come together either at our events and workshops or through viewing our content, to feel that they're not alone, that there are other women who may come from an entirely different background or profession but are also going through the same/similar experiences.

Zahara: You also juggle a full-time job as well as Crazycat. How do you find time to manage both?

Sarah: I juggle a full-time job, as well as Crazycat, and I'm also a founding member of The Codette Project, and also... a daughter and a wife –– I do ask myself how I've managed to juggle these various roles! (haha!) (okay sometimes not so funny!) To be honest, what drives me to keep going is my purpose to lend a voice, to lend my voice and I do as much as I can through these various roles and of course, I also need to have a lot of willpower to get out of bed in the morning! I've also found time to manage these roles because I have a strong support system and I'm truly grateful for that –– to firstly have an incredibly supportive husband who understands these crazy goals and plans I have, and puts up with my stress and anxiety levels, and is just always there every step of the way with me :) I also have an amazing team, my co-founders Cheryl and Hannah, and also the best family members and girlfriends. It's also really encouraging to receive messages from the women in our Crazycat community who share their stories and open up to us, and tell us that we keep them going, when the truth is, THEY keep us going! I also make lists now! I have a to-do list everyday and find so much joy and relief whenever I get to tick them off.

Zahara: What has been the most challenging part of running a business?

Sarah: I don't quite consider Crazycat a business, it's more... a side project/ movement for me! Having said that though, I guess what's been the most challenging part about running it is that it's also a side hustle for my team members and so we all have our own schedules and work to do so it's been tough managing that and getting everyone to come together!

Zahara: You were previously producer. What made you jump from a career in media and production to starting your own event business?

Sarah: Yes, I was previously a producer and I made the career switch to do communications for my day job. With regards to Crazycat, it is essentially a media platform and we hope to inspire and support the everyday women with grit and ambition through our content, events (which is a part of it) and workshops. So it isn't quite an event business but a media platform. I guess it came naturally as well given my background in media and production, I'm applying what I've learnt from school, in my past job and my past work experiences to Crazycat :)


Zahara: You are always so stylish. Where do you find inspiration for your dressing?

Sarah: Ahhh, thank you so much! My mum has honestly been my biggest style inspiration and she's also REALLY bold with what she wears. For example, she has a really unique way of styling her hijab and not many women get it –– some women even laugh and point at her hijab style when we walk past and it's so rude and I guess also a shame that they can't seem to appreciate her amazing sense of style and how she dares to step out of the ordinary!

Zahara: What are your thoughts on halal makeup?

Sarah: I love it! I find it really thoughtful and convenient. I'm personally a huge fan of Zahara's nail polishes and have them on even when I pray. I also chose to have Zahara's Simply Covered on my nails instead of henna for my nikah ;)

Zahara: Do you have beauty secrets you can share with us?

Sarah: Well, my beauty secret is in all honesty... listening to my husband's beauty tip (haha!!) which is to stick to a skincare ritual, and stick to the same products and not switching to other products frequently. Prior to that, I've actually been switching my products a little too regularly and it's clearly taken a toll on my skin so I finally took on my husband's advice... and have been disciplined with my skincare ritual and stuck with the same products the past six months and my skin has really cleared up!

Zahara: Lastly, complete this sentence: A beautiful woman is someone who…..

is her authentic self, embraces her own unique strengths and encourages the other women in her life to do the same.


HELLO it's been a really long while since my last post and i'd just like to firstly say thank you so so much for ALL the love. i've received really kind messages from some of the most wonderful people who've shared their grief journey and i am so grateful that you've shared your truth with me so that i can deal with mine ❤ . NOW WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH THIS POST?! maybe i'll go back six years in 2012 when i'd just graduated from uni and was interning at CNA and saw a photo that'd gone viral on Facebook of 19-year-old @noor sitting in an American news studio with her hijab on and a really strong message — she wanted to be the first hijabi journalist on U.S. television. . now there i was thinking about whether i could ever be a correspondent one day, completely doubting myself and there Noor was LETTING HER LIGHT SHINE. she's been a personal inspiration ever since. and so five years later, when Noor, who’s accomplished way beyond by then, shared that she was going to be in Malaysia, i told myself that THE TIME HAS COME, i needed to make it happen, i needed to meet Noor and give her a platform so that other women (and men) in Singapore can be inspired by her courage, resilience and tenacity. . i dropped her an email, five years in the making and told her... my whole life story essentially 🤣 and... she replied the very next day!! this was in june last year and to be honest, Noor's one of the main reasons i've pushed myself even harder to finally put @hellocrazycat together — that's the impact Noor has on others. her spirit is infectious. . Noor is going to be in Singapore you guys for one night only to have her first ever talk in Asia about how she has pursued her passion while staying true to her identity, how she's let her light shine and how YOU CAN TOO. . as i’m typing this i’m just really thinking about how CRAZY it’s been for @theguzstuff, @thepocketissue and i and how we’re all side hustling hard to make this happen and we really hope you’ll be able to join us on 30th april, 7.30pm at SOTA! . to find out more and get tickets, click the link in my bio 💛 . (this photo was taken in january when Noor & @adamkhafif visited our lion city for the first time!)

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Everyone at Zahara is simply astounded by the level of energy Sarah has to stay on top of all her projects! Her endeavours are truly admirable.

If you would like the opportunity to learn more about Sarah herself, she’ll be attending her Crazycat event held on the 30th of April. You can find more details here:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crazycat-x-fashionvalet-presents-noor-tagouri-letting-your-light-shine-tickets-44501385843

Be sure to hit attending and especially for you Zahara Warriors, Sarah has generously given you20% off your ticket purchase using the code ‘ZAHARA’.

This is truly a once in a lifetime event to get to listen to insight from top inspirational and motivational speakers. We highly recommend you reserve your tickets before they sell out quick!

Till next time Zahara Warriors, we’ll catch you in next week’s Crazycat event!

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