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There is a beautiful glow about Sharifah Itasha; a gorgeous, motherly glow. A graduate of the University of Malaya, this new mother is currently based in Kuala Lumpur with her husband and five-month-old son. Working for Love To Dress, a fashion label that offers ready-to-wear ethereal dresses for the modern Muslimah, means Itasha is surrounded by fashion and style all day. So it’s no wonder that she is one heck of a stylish mama. Read on to find out more about this Zahara Warrior Mum!

Sharifah Itasha
Itasha rocking a bold pink blouse and a white chiffon hijab!

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
Well, this is a tough one. I’m an open book and I don’t usually hide my feelings. Well maybe I should let one secret out. Back then, I didn’t know how to cook. And the first person who taught me how to cook my very first fried rice was my then-boyfriend now-husband. He was in London at that time, so he taught me via Skype. But now, now I’m a self-proclaimed pro in cooking.

Your beautiful baby boy, Mika Adam, has just turned three! How’s motherhood treating you?
In a word, WONDERFUL. I think I’m blessed to have such an angelic son. He’s such a sweetheart, so that’s not much of hassle to take care of him. Other than that, I do feel a lil more responsible now; I’d put his need before mine. And I now have a newfound respect for all mothers out there.

Sharifah Itasha
Cuteness overload: Mika with his sweet grin!

As a Zahara Warrior, what advice would you give to new mothers out there?
I’m still new in this mom game, so I’m not sure the best advice to give. But one thing I learn as a mother is that time is precious. When your baby is asleep, get all your work done, pronto! Coz once he’s up, he would need his milk machine! Also, what I normally do with my son is spending most of my time with him yet still putting aside few precious hours just for myself; spa, out with friends or simply watching the telly.

Who’s in your squad?
I must say, it’s my husband who keeps me sane. I honestly admire him; and I’m not just saying this because he’s my other half. He’s kind, patient, tolerates my unpredictable behaviour, a good father to our son (to date, I think he has changed more diapers than I have!) and even in a tense situation, he will always keep himself composed and very calm. I make du’a every day for my son to follow his traits. Next are my mom, family and friends. I’m such a people person, so having them around keeps me inspired and motivated.

Sharifah Itasha
The loves of Itasha’s life: Amar and baby Mika in her tummy!

What’s your favourite Zahara product?
Your nail remover is da bomb! I love having my nails coloured but what I love more is how easy it is to remove them with your polish remover. Also, your breathable nail polish comes in rare colours that I truly adore. Anything that makes our lives as Muslims easier should be celebrated. (Click here to purchase our halal Nail Polish Remover!)

What’s a makeup no-no?
Coloured eyeshadows (you know, vibrant blue, green, purple and OMG shocking pink!) and eyebrows that are drawn too thick. But then again, trends change and who knows these would be the IT thing in the future.

Sharifah Itasha
Looking effortlessly chic and fashionably modest!

Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?
My two boys – husband and son (of course). But it doesn’t hurt to have Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake and Pharell Williams on the stage, singing together… Tom Hardy and Milo Ventimiglia talking bout their next movie project at one corner… also my late grandma coz I miss her and her Pulut Kuning and Beef Rendang should be the main dish.

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