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How to Wear Different Patterned & Coloured Hijab

It’s all about personality your Hijab is another piece of clothing that allows self-expression. Therefore don’t try to imitate others for what would be best on you, be yourself! All photos retrieved from @hautehijab 1st tip: Try your best to find colours that match your wardrobe. You will wear them more and you can mix […]


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#RayaReadyLooks Makeup Tutorials

Firstly, we’d like to give a huge shout-out to all our Zahara Warriors for embracing the launch of #RayaReadyLooks. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE, LADIES! It was wonderful to see your responses for your favourite looks. (My personal faves are Fifth Avenue Princess and Fierce Boss. Teehee.) We can’t wait to see your looks on social media […]


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Neon Makeup For An Everyday Look

If you’ve been paying attention to the makeup scene these past few months, you’d notice that the neon makeup trend is becoming more and more popular. The time has come for neons to shine. Like, literally. These colourfully bright hues are everywhere…from the latest looks on the fashion runway, on your favourite celebrity and basically flooding […]


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My Favourite Lipstick Of All Time

A motto we live by at Zahara is “There’s no such thing as too many lipsticks.” Whether they’re designer or drugstore brands, we just can’t get enough of them. Not only is wearing lipstick one of the easiest ways to create a specific look, it is arguably makeup’s most powerful weapon. Who cares about guns and pens? Give a woman the […]


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Shazreeyana Shukri, who hails from cosmopolitan KL, is the go-to makeup artist (MUA) for brides all over Malaysia. A successful MUA in her own right, she has made up countless brides and organised many makeup workshops, in and out of Malaysia. She even collaborated with cosmetics brand Alisa to create her very own setting powder! With over 36,740 views […]


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Syahirah Aqila Azlah, otherwise known as Aqira (or Qira!), is a Creative Technology in Film student hailing from Johor Bahru. This Malaysian native’s love for films (whether making or watching them) is what drove her to create her own YouTube channel in 2014. She cleverly combines her love for films and makeup to put up beauty-related […]

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