Girl Next Door


What kind of Girl Next Door are you? Friendly or flirty? Quiet or loud? A lover of cupcakes? A book worm? This neutral shade is versatile and gives your look that stunning naturally made-up look. This colour is always in our purse for when we need a perk up.

Zahara Girl Next Door Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick contains no alcohol or parabens. It's vegan and cruelty-free! Go on, put on a dash of pretty, joy and confidence with Zahara Girl Next Door!e

But, just what is a liquid lipstick?
A liquid lipstick is like the cooler, younger sister of the conventional lipstick and gloss combined. It features the gorgeous colours of a lipstick and the smooth glide of a gloss. So what you’re getting is an ultra-light, alluring coating that'll bring you the colour without the fuss. We bet you won’t be able to help admiring your own lips in the mirror after this.
Our Zahara Girl Next Door liquid matte formula is the best of both worlds, it combines the colour of a lipstick and glide of a gloss, leaving behind an alluring and light coating on your lips

Going nude is all the rage
Speaking of nude lipsticks, does that immediately make you think of beige, opaque shades that either make you look sickly? Not with Zahara Girl Next Door Matte Nude Liquid Lipstick though. It sports just the right touch of rosy hue that makes you look fresh and youthful - well, just like the girl next door! Nude lipstick, Zahara Girl Next Door Matte Nude Liquid Lipstick is an effortless way to give your puckers a feather-light touch of rosy sass - pretty without the fuss.

Long-lasting Lipstick
One coat of Zahara liquid lipstick is all you need for all-day colour - no feathering, no transfer, no more embarrassing lipstick stains on your cups.

How to perk up your puckers with Zahara Girl Next Door Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick 

 - Build it up or tone it down: Zahara Girl Next Door Matte Liquid Lipstick is beautifully buildable; blot for a light, fresh finish or apply another layer to jazz up the drama- Since the liquid lipstick offers staying lip colour, you don’t need to apply too much. Clean excess liquid lipstick off the wand on the inside of the tube before applying. You’ll get beautiful, flawless control this way

- For a light look that resembles more like a stain than having lipstick on, apply one layer of Zahara Girl Next Door and then blot. To intensify the drama, apply a second coat. It’s as easy as that to create the look you want with only one liquid lipstick colour

- As a liquid lipstick matte colour is meant to stay on for hours, your lips could get a tad dry, especially with a matte formula. So before applying Zahara Girl Next Door, prep your puckers with a teeny bit of lip balm to keep them moist and tender. We also recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand!

For the best nude liquid lipstick, look no further than Zahara. You’ll be dazzled by our gorgeous range of breathable nail polish and mesmerising eyeshadows too!


High performance, smooth and creamy, matte, liquid, transfer-proof, long lasting yet non-drying