The Lap-Lip Set - Raya Edition

Introducing Zahara’s Raya Edition saver, The Lap-Lip set!

This set includes:
1X Ursula
1X Warpaint
1X Sun-Kissed

Don’t worry, you get to keep your voice! This persuasive shade of dark navy blue definitely embodies the depths of the deep sea where you maybe be able to find a notorious sea witch. Be careful she’s a playful trickster!

War Paint, the shade of red that survives any occasion. It will turn you into a fearless Zahara Warrior! Feel unstoppable, unforgettable and undefeated each time you pamper your nails with this brilliant red! A bright and flattering red on all skin tones

Sun, sand and sea all in one bottle. Similar to her sister nail polish, Simply Covered, this is a warmer, pinkier version of nude nails. The only difference is, Sunkissed loves spending more time under the sun! This colour is flattering on fair to medium tanned skin tones with peach or rosy undertones.