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Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish from Zahara

How to use breathable nail polish?

Paint 1 to 2 thin layers of nail polish onto clean dry nails. Once you have achieved your desired look you can top with the oxygen top coat to make it last longer. To remove, use nail polish remover.

For best results:

We do not recommend using more than 2 layers as increased thickness will effect water-permeability of our polish. Also, when taking prayer water insure to rub nails thoroughly for roughly 30 seconds.


Innovative Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish Formula

Zahara's breathable nail polish utilizes a special formula that allows oxygen and water vapor to pass through the surface of the polish to reach your beautiful nails. This is healthier for your nails, so no more yellowing from depriving them of oxygen and nutrients.

It has the same glossy pigmented finish as other nail polish brands with a thinner, quick drying application. You can very easily take it off with any nail polish remover.

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5-FREE and proud of it

All our polishes are 5-free, which means it does not contain 5 common chemicals that are found in nail polishes that are harmful and dangerous.

These are:

  • Toluene- toxin that if inhaled can harm your nervous system and create birth defects/ developmental problems in children of pregnant women after extended exposure.
  • Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)- links to cancer and birth defects
  • Formaldehyde- links to cancer and the vapors are extremely irritating
  • Formaldehyde Resin- can be an allergen
  • Camphor- poisonous and deprives your nails of nutrients

It’s pretty scary to think of how many nail polishes aren’t 5-free, so make sure you check with any future purchases and rest assured that all our nail polishes will always be free of these chemicals!

If you have any further queries about our wudhu friendly breathable Nail Polish or other Zahara products feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].