Zahara Warrior Rewards Program

Get rewarded when you shop, share or like/follow Zahara!
Did you know that you could earn Zahara Credits which you could then redeem any Zahara product of your choice for FREE?
Sign up to our rewards program to start enjoying more bang for your buck!
Ways to earn:
Points Value
Sign Up
200 Zahara Credits
Place an order
5 Zahara Credit for every S$ spent
Follow @lovefromzahara on Instagram
100 Zahara Credits
Share on Facebook
50 Zahara Credits
Like @lovefromzahara on Facebook
100 Zahara Credits
Celebrate a birthday with Zahara
200 Zahara Credits
Ways to spend:
Points Required
$5 off voucher
500 Zahara Credits
$10 off voucher
1000 Zahara Credits
$20 off voucher
2000 Zahara Credits
Free Oxygen Top Coat
1500 Zahara Credits
Free Shipping*
2500 Zahara Credits
Refer a friend:
  1. Refer a first-time friend using the code available when you log in as a registered Zahara Warrior.
  2. This code gives your friend a 15% discount when they make their first purchase
  3. Once they have made a purchase, you will receive a discount of $10 off your next purchase!
Happy Shopping!
How to sign up?

Click the Zahara Warrior Rewards or crown icon at the bottom right of our website.
It should look like this: 

Hit 'Join Now' to start earning and spending your well deserved Zahara Credits!

You can also find out more about the program when you scroll down!
How do I view my points?
Log into the Zahara Warrior Rewards program located at the bottom right corner of our website.
Click 'Sign in' to enter your details and access your points. 

Here you can see the number of points you have accumulated, the rewards you have earned, the number of friends you have referred and your referral code to share with all your friends.
Along with all that, you can browse ways to earn and spend on the same page.

*The maximum shipping cost discount is set at S$25.

Countries whose shipping rates are above the set amount will enjoy a discount of S$25. However, there may be a remaining amount that needs to be covered by the consumer.

Free shipping rates for Singapore and Malaysia orders are fixed at a minimum purchase of S$30. Redeem this voucher according to what suits your situation best.