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Onyx Longwear Eyeliner


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Eyeliner you need in your life. This dark black eyeliner shade is a must-have. Strong, gorgeous and trust-worthy it'll frame your beautiful eyes oh-so-perfectly all day long.

Long lasting up to 8 hours!

  • Halal eyeliner: Zahara black eyelinerdoesn’t contain any alcohol so it isn’t deemed haram by Islamic legislation
  • Easy-to-use eyeliner pencil: pencil-like black eyeliner is very easy to use and control; doesn’t dry out quickly like gel eyeliners or messy like liquid eyeliners
  • Super-smooth glide-on formula: the silky consistency of the black pencil eyeliner makes it effortless to create the look of your dreams; ideal for applying to your delicate waterline
  • No sharpener required: just twist the Zahara pencil eyeliner and you’ll get a fantastically-shaped tip (no ouch! moments from tips that are too sharp) every time, magically!  

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul. So that makes the eyeliner one of those important beauty essentials in any makeup pouch. And the black dark eyeliner is a versatile must-have for fashionistas in-the-know. Let’s look at how Zahara Onyx Longwear Eyeliner can become your eyes best friend!

Alcohol-free halal eyeliner
We understand that staying beautiful shouldn’t be at odds with your faith. Zahara is designed and developed for Muslim ladies, our black eyeliner doesn’t contain any alcohol that’s deemed haram by Islamic legislation standards. You stay gorgeous while staying in line with your faith. 

Easy-to-use eyeliner pencil
If you know how to write with a pencil, using the best pencil eyeliner from Zahara will be second nature to you. Which is the very reason why we created an eyeliner pencil for you in the first place! Our eyeliner pen doesn’t dry out quickly or need a brush to put on (who has time for that anyway?) like a gel eyeliner, nor is it messy to use like liquid eyeliners. Zahara black pencil eyeliner puts effortless control in your hands. It’s fuss-free, you create the look you want in seconds and you can be out of the house in just minutes!

Super-smooth glide-on formula
Ladies, we’re sure you don’t want putting on eyeliner makeup to feel like it’s some esoteric fine art that you’ve to train 10 years to master. Zahara Onyx Longwear Eyeliner has a silky-smooth texture that’s easy to glide on, especially when it comes to lining that ultra-sensitive waterline. None of that irritating tugging at your delicate eye area. Priceless!

No sharpener required
Sharpeners just seem to crumble eyeliner pencils more than anything else. Raise your hands if you’re familiar with the kind of frustration we’re talking about here. With Zahara pencil eyeliner, all you need to do is twist and you’ll get a fantastically-shaped tip like magic every time! Gone are the ouch! moments from tips that are too sharp. And good riddance with that useless eyeliner pencil sharpener.

Long-lasting wear
Zahara non-smudge eyeliner lasts beautifully for as long as 8 hours. This means your eyes stay stunning throughout the day (or night) and you don’t have to keep going to the washroom to check up on it.

To get the best eyeliner pencils that’s halal in Singapore and Malaysia, check out what Zahara has in store for you. You’ll also fall in love our wudhu-friendly breathable nail polish, halal liquid lipstick and eyeshadow palettes!