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Non-toxic Nail Polish Remover


Our nail polish remover is suitable to use for Muslims and alcohol-free. With a built in sponge, removal is clean and easy. No need for tissues or cotton pads just stick your finger directly into the bottle and rub against the sponge within. Our nail polish is also acetone-free because we care about the health of your nails.

Available due to popular request.

Instructions for use:

  1. Unscrew cap and hold the bottle firmly in one hand.
  2. Dip fingers from other hand into the bottle one at a time. Rub surface of the nail against the sponge.
  3. Repeat on other hand. 
  4. For finer spots, you can dip a cotton bud into the bottle and use as necessary.


  • Alcohol-free: Zahara Nail Polish Remover doesn’t contain any alcohol 
  • Acetone-free nail polish remover: gentle loving care for your nails and none of that strong-smelling odour typical of regular nail polish remover
  • In-built sponge applicator: very convenient since you don’t have to go rummaging for cotton pads or tissue papers
  • User-friendly bottle design: nail polish remover bottle is suitably big enough for you to dip your fingers one by one into it and rub with sponge applicator
  • Made in Turkey


Non-toxic nail polish remover for sass with a capital ‘S’
All you want are the dazzling colours of breathable nail polish on your fingers, not brittle and yellow nails from having unwittingly used the wrong nail polish remover. 

Alcohol-free nail polish remover
Zahara Nail Polish Remover doesn’t contain that type of intoxicating alcohol that is derived from grapes or dates, so you can use it with full confidence that it’s not haram.

Non-acetone nail polish remover
Think many nail polish smell so awful they give you a headache? That’s acetone, a solvent commonly found in many nail polish removers that are strong enough to dissolve plastics! Do you want to use some industrial-strength chemical on your nails? Of course NOT! Besides, acetone is extremely harsh and strips too much natural oil off your skin, in turn drying out cuticles and nails and causing brittle and splits in them - help! So go for something like Zahara non-acetone nail polish removerthat’s way more gentle on your fingernails. 

Did you know that your fingernails are actually alive? To be exact, the cuticles (tissue that connects the nail to the body) are alive and growing and needs oxygen and nutrients just like your body. Say yes to robust, radiant nails!

Such a breeze to useZahara Nail Polish Remover

  • Simply dip your finger into the bottle one at a time and use its built-in sponge applicator to rub against the surface of your nail.
  • For tough-to-reach spots, dip a cotton bud into the remover and rub.
  • No more pressing and vigorous rubbing at the fingernails like conventional nail polish removers - awesome isn’t it?  

If you’re thinking of where to buy non-acetone nail polish online in Singapore and Malaysia, check out Zahara. We’ve also lined up a gorgeous range of breathable nail polish, irresistible lip colours and delightful eye colors your lids will love!


Acetone-free, Alcohol-free, high performance, no tissues, no cotton, easy to use, suitable for Muslims