The Kampung Set - Raya Edition

Introducing Zahara’s Raya Edition saver, The Kampung set!

This set includes:
1X Queen
1X Modesty Muse
1X Undercover

We envisioned this shade to be the superstar of our new collection. Probably our most difficult shade to manufacture, it took four revisions perfecting it to suit every and ALL skin tones/under tones.

Introducing our first rose gold pearlescent satin shade. With her light-reflecting properties, she brings dimension and a subtle soft glam to your nails.A wonderful and versatile shade that can be worn as a topper over any coloured nail polish or even on its own, providing a layer of glamour and opulence - fit for a Queen

Modesty Muse
An absolute vouge must-have. This is your sultry, mysterious shade - Perfect for days of subtle elegance! Modesty Muse is a neutral shade of grey that encapsulates what it means to be a muse.